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Wrinkle Reduction

Anti-ageing treatment (Botox)

Botulinum toxin (Botox) treatment is arguably the most popular cosmetic medical treatment for wrinkles and facial lines in the United Kingdom. It can be used successfully in combination with other anti-ageing treatments such as dermal fillers.

Treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that creates smooth persistent lines between your eyebrows, on your forehead and crow’s feet around your eyes. A treatment session consists of a few tiny needle pricks into the muscles that initially caused the lines to form. The entire treatment time is very quick and is over in seconds. The mode of action is by causing complete relaxation of the muscles under the facial skin responsible for the lines. Formed by the pulling action of these muscles, these facial lines will then disappear or diminish altogether.


We prefer to use Azzalure, which lasts longer than common products, with effects that can last as long as 4-6 months. As the muscles cannot contract, it means that a preventative process is in action. Over time, less product will be required to eliminate the wrinkles and lines and the effect may be longer after repeated treatments.

A local anaesthetic is not required and is typically pain free except for a mere pin prick sensation, however prior to treatment a topical anaesthetic can be used if required.

The effects of the treatment are not immediate and will take 4-5 days to take full effect. Ideally, we will review the areas treated after 2 weeks and judge whether a top up is required.

After the treatment you are required to frequently move the muscles that were treated and to avoid lying down for four hours.

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