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All Ceramic Crowns

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Many of our dental crowns are made purely with biocompatible all ceramic materials. This is essential for use on the front teeth where aesthetics are vital. This is made possible with the advent of laser technology and computer generated images allowing for computer aided design and milling. (CAD-CAM) In general terms, we have the technology available where we can provide dental crowns that look just like teeth.

All ceramic crowns are also available for back teeth, which are virtually indestructible. These are called Zirconia crowns which look just like teeth and have virtually the same strength. These are our go to crowns for almost all back teeth.

The great advantage of these crowns is that there is no metal substructure and hence the dreaded black line is a thing of the past! These crowns are also extremely strong in thin sections hence we do not have to cut the underyling tooth down as much which also another huge advantage. There is also no risk of any allergic reactions to the metal as the materials used are bio-compatible.

This enables us to provide crowns and bridges which are natural, highly aesthetic and long lasting.

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