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Smile Transformation

Transforming smiles, transforming lives

Smile transformation is an extraordinary and life changing procedure that transforms your smile. Even though you may not have been born with a smile you dreamt of, we can create this for you. As a key focal point of the face people if you are proud of your smile you will exude confidence and stand out from the crowd.

With modern technology and our careful planning protocol, the results are predictable and astonishing. With regular dental visits and good home care your teeth can last a lifetime.

The steps to a new smile

  • The first step is to consult with Dr Patel and discuss your desires and concerns about the process. We will then develop your personalised smile transformation design. This may involve a number of aspects such as porcelain veneers, pre-alignment with cosmetic braces, dental implants, bridgework and crowns.
  • Measurements, impressions and photographs will be taken.
  • We can then view your new smile in 3-D on a stone model called a diagnostic wax prototype. You can check the final results from different angles, carefully analysing all the specifics. At this stage, your teeth are not touched. We are strong believers in minimal intervention and will undertake all steps, ensuring that at the very least, tooth removal is a last option to achieve a beautiful smile.
  • Once you are happy to proceed, perfect replicas of the 3-D model are placed. At this stage you can test drive your new teeth and make any changes that you wish. We can change the size, shape or contour to however you please. These changes will be transferred to the definitive new teeth. We will not proceed with the smile transformation unless you are 100% happy at this stage.
  • The final step will involve the placing of your new smile by removing your prototype restorations. This is made by the finest technicians in the UK and all over the world. The finest detail will be created in terms of anatomy, surface characteristics and colour giving you a unique and wonderful smile to show off.

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