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Teeth Whitening

Achieve a brighter and whiter smile

Teeth whitening is an extremely popular and safe way to brighten your smile – and for good reason! At Progressive Dentistry in Fulham, London, we offer a variety of teeth whitening methods to suit your individual needs. Following an initial consultation, we'll recommend the best option to achieve your desired results safely and effectively.

Philips ZOOM (LED) Whitening: £499 (Limited Time Only!)

patient & philips zoom led whitening system

Our in chair tooth whitening option, the Philips Zoom LED is our gold standard method to carry out dental teeth whitening. A proprietary LED light is used in accelerating the whitening in minimal time and for maximum results. The procedure lasts approximately 90 minutes and the results are immediate. There is no need to wear whitening trays for weeks prior to treatment for ultimate convenience.

Philips Zoom LED differs from other whitening systems, by using adjustable intensity settings which can be customised, eliminating sensitivity and maximising your comfort. In fact, over 98% of our patients have reported zero sensitivity both during and after the treatment.

As the procedure is delivered by a dentist or dental therapist, the entire process is carefully controlled so that the whitening gel is placed in the correct position every time for the optimal effect. This is especially important for those patients with gum recession where we can ensure these areas are blocked out for safety.

In addition, we always supply a fully customised take home kit so that optimal whiteness can be achieved and maintained.

The results we have achieved thus far have been truly astounding so if you are after whiter teeth, look no further - Philips Zoom LED Whitening. The fee for the entire treatment is just £499 for a limited time only, prices are rising soon so do not delay and book your tooth whitening today.

Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit: £300 (Special Offer!)

Our home tooth whitening kit involves the use of specially made teeth whitening trays which are fully bespoke for you and super comfortable being just 1mm thick. There is a range of whitening gel which can be used within the trays. Typically, the trays are worn for just one hour a day or overnight. After just two to three weeks, the result is beautiful white teeth!

All of the whitening gels we use have added anti-sensitivity products to ensure the process is as kind and gentle to your teeth and gums as possible. These include Philips Zoom Daywhite and Nitewhite and Boutique whitening day and night versions.

We currently have a special offer of £300 for our take-home tooth whitening kit.

  philips zoom! take-home whitening kit


Enlighten teeth whitening is the only treatment guaranteed to achieve a B1 shade - one of the lightest shades possible. Specially made Enlighten whitening trays are required for the process which are made at a dedicated dental laboratory and the treatment uses their very own whitening gel. After two weeks of use, a follow up power whitening session is required in the practice to achieve the very best result possible. Guaranteed whiter teeth - what could be better!

  enlighten teeth whitening trays

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are the easiest method to immediately whiten teeth. They can be applied directly on the teeth with minimal fuss. There is no need to wait, no need to take scans of the teeth or messy impressions and there is virtually no sensitivity. They are a great way to start your whitening process or can be used as a top up after take home whitening.

  whitewash dissolving teeth whitening strips

Ready To Brighten Your Smile? We'd Love To Hear From You!

Call us at 020 7731 1162 or email We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, schedule a free video consultation to discuss your teeth whitening treatment from the comfort of your own home.

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How do I start my whitening treatment?

Once we have fully assessed your dental health with a comprehensive examination, we will be able to inform you of the best possible options for whiter, brighter teeth.

Which technique is right for me?

In general, we advise using the in chair Philips Zoom! LED system especially if you would like all of the treatment to be done for you in about 90 minutes. We still advise using the provided take home kit for another 3-5 days for the best result and at just £499 ( for a very limited time!), this is great value for money.

Will I need to visit the hygienist before treatment?

If you have not a recent dental hygiene visit, this is essential for the very best result. Plaque, calculus and stains will prevent the process from working fully. Having a clean healthy mouth is vital for lovely white, fresh looking teeth!

What if my teeth are really dark?

We often see patients with severe discolouration which can be for a variety of reasons such as antibiotic staining as a child, illness whilst teeth were developing, too much fluoride, smoking or simply a genetic predisposition. Whitening your teeth is still possible and this will usually involve wearing our home kit for an extended period for between 4-6 weeks. In most cases, we advise using the trays overnight using 10% carbamide peroxide.

Are there any hints and tips for using the whitening trays?

Yes! It is important to only use a little gel in each tooth compartment, less is more. We will show you how to do this. The trays should also be completely dry prior to placing the gel so that there is no dilution. A handy tip is to shake off any excess water, pat dry with a tissue and then use a cotton bud to dry each tooth section within the tray. Please do the same on your teeth before fitting the tray; this makes a huge difference.

I have sensitive teeth, can I still whiten?

Yes absolutely. We may ask you to de sensitise your teeth first using special pastes for a week or two prior to whitening. This is done by rubbing the paste over the sensitive areas at night and locking the paste in with the bespoke whitening tray. This will help a great deal and is a useful tip for tooth sensitivity in general. GC MI plus paste is excellent for this and we can prescribe this for you.

How much does whitening cost at Progressive Dentistry?

Philips Zoom LED whitening including a take home kit is just £499 for a very limited time. Prices are rising soon so do not miss out and contact usto book your appointment.

Our take home kit is just £300 which includes fully bespoke whitening trays made from digital scans, the printed models ( worth over £75 alone) , and 4 syringes of either day or night gel.

Extra syringes can be purchased separately for £75 for a 2 syringe pack.

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