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Removable yet cosmetic

A denture is used to replaced missing teeth. Most people view dentures with dread as they feel they can be unsightly. However, with advanced techniques and modern technology dentures can be highly aesthetic and can take years of your appearance.

Dentures are typically made from acrylic. Partial dentures are made from a metal alloy framework and acrylic. We can now make highly cosmetic dentures using modern techniques from nylon based materials which are both flexible and virtually unbreakable.

Unsightly dentures are now most definitely a thing of the past.

Dentures can be retained by dental implants in complex cases, meaning that they will be held in securely, avoiding the embarrassment of using adhesives or dropping dentures.


  • Missing teeth can be replaced using removable dentures.
  • This can be converted into an implant retained denture so that it is secure and stable.
  • A fixed bridge on implants can also be made which is then not removable and more like natural teeth.

New techniques mean that we can place dental implants and secure the dentures on the same day, called 'teeth in a day'. If you have had loose removable dentures for many years, and are fed up with using adhesive every day, this could be the option for you.

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