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White Composite Fillings

Treating tooth decay without metal fillings

At Progressive Dentisty we have a strict amalgam free policy. With modern dentistry we no longer have to accept metal dental fillings which are unsightly and have no adhesive qualities. White composite fillings are the restoration of choice for front teeth and moderate sized cavities on back teeth. They are extremely versatile and are highly aesthetic so that you be barely notice their appearance.

White composite fillings are adhesively bonded to teeth which mean that the teeth do not require as much preparation as for metal fillings which follows our principle of minimal intervention. After all, why cut away healthy tooth when it can be preserved!

Modern composites have improved drastically over the years with far greater compressive and tensile strength compared to original versions. Another huge advance has been the tremendous reduction in shrinkage rates which was a signifcant problem with older type materials which could cause sensitivity after treatment. This has now been, on the whole, reduced completely.

We only use the highest quality white fillings and dental dam for total isolation. Placing composite white fillings is a technique sensitive process and the steps must be followed meticulously for a precise end result.

For larger cavities on back teeth, often a cast restoration such as a porcelain inlay/onlay is preferable due their extra strength and versatility.

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