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Root Canal Treatment

Providing a stable foundation

At the core of each tooth is a soft mass of tissue called the pulp which contains cells, nerves, living fibres and a blood supply.

This extends through the root(s) of a tooth to an end point called the apical foramen.

Injury, tooth decay or micro leakage can cause the death of living pulp leading to toothache, infection and even an abscess.

Root canal treatment removes damaged or dead pulp, and then fills the space that’s left. Front teeth usually have 1 root but back teeth will have 2 or more roots. Each root and subsequent canal has to be cleaned, disinfected and filled individually. The entire procedure can be completed in one visit but may take two or three appointments depending on the degree of infection.

We use rubber dam for all root canal procedures for total isolation and your safety.

The remaining tooth then has to be filled, usually with a dental crown or onlay as the tooth becomes very brittle and liable to fracture after a root canal treatment. Root fillings tend to be very successful, however infection can recur which will mean re-root treatment or removal of the tooth.

We are delighted to announce Dr Alberto Molina as our new resident endodontist who is able to look after all aspects of root canal treatment including complex anatomy cases, secondary infection, cracked roots, instrument retrieval, abscess management, re root treatments, calcified canals and childrens endodontic care. He works under high level magnification using our CJ Optik dental microscope, which is widely known as the world's best dental microscope.

We are also able to provide laser endodontic treatment using both of our dental lasers, the Waterlase i Plus and the Epic 10 diode laser which aim to sterilise the root canals to an even greater level for optimal success rates. Our technology and experience makes our dental practice unique in Fulham and the greater London area.

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