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Inlays / Onlays

Less is more

These are alternatives to full dental crowns and large fillings. They replace part of a tooth rather than the entire tooth. Often damaged teeth or failing fillings have good healthy remaining tooth structure which can be used instead of being cut away. Inlays sit within teeth whilst onlays sit on top of a tooth and replace its shape and anatomy.

They are laboratory made which means that a temporary restoration is required whilst they are being fabricated.

With the advances of modern dentistry in particular adhesive dentistry, we are able to restore teeth that would previously have required major work such as root canal treatment and full crowns. In turn, inlays and onlays are far less destructive than full crowns. This is tune with our principle of minimal intervention. They can be made in gold or highly aesthetic porcelain, which is virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding tooth. Gold may be the material of choice in areas of heavy load or if someone grinds their teeth. Inlays and onlays also have distinct benefits over large fillings such as:

  • Biocompatible and stable in the mouth (no leaking of metal or resin)
  • Not affected by acid or water in the diet
  • Do not shrink or warp over time
  • Have a much higher wear strength
  • Replicate tooth anatomy allowing natural results (large fillings are almost impossible to replicate anatomy and often leave large gaps between teeth called open contacts)

If you have been told you need crowns, please contact our dental practice in Fulham and we will assess whether inlays or onlays are suitable for you.

White inlay

  • The damaged tooth is prepared conservatively, keeping the healthy part of the tooth.
  • Impressions are taken and an inlay is custom made, which is either porcelain (white) or gold.
  • A fixed bridge is custom made which fills the gap.
  • The inlay is finally fixed into place.

Full onlay

  • Depending on the extent of the damage, sometimes the entire top surface needs to be repaired.
  • The top surface is prepared conservatively, keeping the healthy tooth underneath.
  • Impressions are taken and an onlay is custom made, which is either porcelain (white) or gold.
  • The onlay is finally fixed into place.

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