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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Non-invasive dentistry and prevention

At Progressive Dentistry we are strong believers in minimally invasive or non invasive treatments that are kind to teeth and gums, having a long lasting effect. With the advances in modern dentistry, many general dental and cosmetic procedures can be performed, preventing destructive removal of a healthy tooth.

The options are unlimited and include:

  • revolutionary rapid teeth straightening in as little as 6 weeks
  • non invasive, no preparation veneers for that perfect smile
  • Highly aesthetic composite filling materials that will enhance your smile with minimal/no tooth removal and in one appointment
  • The use of a laser cavity detector to find early decay
  • Air abrasion to remove the early decay often without anaesthetic

Dental prevention and aftercare is vital to maintain healthy teeth and gums. We will devise a dental prevention and aftercare plan which is specific to you to ensure long lasting oral health. A great option is to join our membership scheme.

As our name suggests, we always progress to offer the most advanced dental treatments which have a major benefit for our patients. These latest advancements include:


Icon is the revolutionary way to treat early tooth decay. This is often found in between teeth and is undetectable to the eye. If left, these early lesions will progress and require invasive dentistry such as large fillings or root canal treatment.

Icon treatment is completely non invasive. It requires no anaesthetic, no drilling and therefore no removal of healthy tooth.



Biodentine is the first all in one bioactive and biocompatible material to be used whenever tooth dentine is damaged. It has revolutionary capabilities which could help remineralisation of tooth dentine, preserve pulp vitality (nerve), promote pulp healing and replace tooth dentine with the same mechanical properties.

Biodentine could therefore prevent invasive dental treatment such as root canal treatment or repair badly damaged teeth which would otherwise need removal.

We have completed many cases with Biodentine with outstanding results. In most cases, this has meant avoiding root canal treatment and further dental procedures such as crowns.

General Dentistry TREATMENTS

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