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Inman Aligner

Straight teeth in weeks

Progressive Dentistry is proud to introduce the Inman Aligner. This revolutionary device can straighten front teeth in a matter of weeks and has changed the face of cosmetic dentistry.

The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that works by applying continuous gentle pressure to the front teeth to re-position them into a straighter and more aesthetic position. It can be removed to eat and clean your teeth and also if you have an important social occasion.

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In most cases, front teeth can be straightened using the Inman Aligner in only 8-12 weeks. However, for minor cases alignment may only take a mere 4 - 6 weeks! Of course, this depends on usage, the more that you wear the aligner the quicker the result.

The Inman Aligner for cosmetic dentistry adheres to our ethos of minimal intervention. Rapid tooth alignment prior to tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding means that your smile transformation can be completed quickly, without drilling, without needles and is more affordable.

Inman Aligner

Please view the video for a demonstration of the procedure.


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