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Lingual Braces

The truly invisible brace

The only truly invisible brace is one on the inside of your teeth. If the thought of fixed metal braces on the outside of your teeth literally sets your teeth on edge or you know that you would find it hard sticking to the regime with removable appliances such as Invisalign braces or inman aligners then lingual braces could be the solution for you.

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As lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth, they are completely hidden from view so that no one will know that you are straightening your teeth! If you have thought about braces but been put off by the stigma attached to conventional treatments, we have the answer.

Lingual braces can be used for most types of treatment from single tooth alignment to full mouth correction.

  • Hundreds of successful cases treated
  • Over 15 years experience
  • The only truly invisible brace
  • Treatment exclusively with Dr Nissit Patel

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Straight teeth in weeks not years. Totally invisible, hidden behind your teeth.

Social 6 lingual brace £1500*, reduced from £2500

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*subject to full clinical examination fee of £115. Single arch only. Excludes final retainers.

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Social 6 lingual braces

Social 6 lingual braces

One of the systems we use is the Social 6 lingual brace. This system is ideal for minor to moderate crowding or spacing affecting the front teeth and typically takes only 3-4 months to achieve the desired results.

The brackets are only placed on the front 6 upper or lower teeth. The canine teeth act as the anchors of the brace (they cannot be corrected) with the aims of aligning the front 4 incisor teeth making it a truly cosmetic brace.

The major benefits include:

  • Totally invisible
  • Treats minor to moderate crowding or spacing of the front teeth with maximum control and no compliance issues
  • Comfortable
  • Quick treatment
  • Minimal impact on speech and lifestyle

Please be aware , although this is a fantastic brace, there are limitations to what can be achieved. If you constantly look at your teeth in the mirror and have high expectation for treatment, this is NOT the treatment for you. In this case, full arch lingual braces or Invisalign Full would be the options of choice.

Full arch lingual braces

Full arch lingual braces

For more advanced cases, further tooth movement and correction of the bite we have full arch lingual braces. For this, an orthodontist with an expertise in lingual braces will provide a bespoke treatment plan.

These braces are similar to Incognito braces and are required for more comprehensive treatment when Social 6 lingual braces cannot meet the demands of the case.

Full arch lingual braces are completely bespoke for your situation. The brackets and wires are individually made to fit your teeth and therefore a far greater level of treatment can be achieved. In most cases, a full diagnostic set up is produced so that you can visualise the end result before starting treatment. This provides the template to the magic of full arch lingual braces.

The benefits of full arch lingual braces are:

  • Totally invisible
  • Allow correction of greater numbers of teeth
  • Allow correction of more advanced tooth crowding, rotation and spacing
  • Provide greater control and stability
  • Allow correction of the occlusion (bite) when upper and lower full arch braces are used
  • Correction of overjet, overbite, cross bite and open bite problems are possible
  • Arch development (expansion) is possible

After the initial consultation, we will be able to inform you which system is most suited for your needs.

We have vast experience in many lingual brace techniques and brackets. These include:


STB brackets are able to deliver maximum 3-D control with optimal results. The brackets are only 4.57mm in length and 1.5mm in profile making them one of the smallest brackets on the market. The size also allows an increase in the inter bracket distance. The rounded corners provide maximum comfort and reduced impact on speech.

  Stb social 6

MTM no trace brace

Another system we use is the MTM No Trace Brace.

MTM brackets have a unique gate system, which means that the arch wire is locked into place without any additional wires. The MTM brace is truly self ligating and therefore there is little friction with the system resulting in very quick treatment times.

  Mtm no trace brace

2-D brackets

2-D brackets are the flattest brackets for the very best in patient comfort. When closed the brackets are just 1.3mm in profile. The brackets are self ligating with a clever opening and closing technique. They are super polished with rounded corners. Freedom for the tongue!

We use Forestadent and Protect 2-D brackets.

Some examples of how the system works are below, the treatment and photographs were completed by Dr Nissit Patel.

  Protect bracket

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