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Invisalign clear aligners in Fulham

Invisalign is the world's most popular and researched clear aligner orthodontic treatment. Since the launch of Invisalign in the UK, over 16 million smiles have been straightened. With this level of experience, the technology is ever evolving making the Invisalign system the number 1 on the market today.

At Progressive Dentistry we have used all of the clear aligner brace systems available to date and nothing compares to the Invisalign software and ability to correct all manner of crowded teeth and malocclusions.


We have our very first Invisalign Open Day on May 31st with amazing Invisalign package offers available.

Over £500 off regular fees and includes Fixed AND Removable Retainers and Free Tooth Whitening!

All Invisalign treatments also include these add ons worth over £1500!

  • Free consultation and Panoral X ray and 3D X rays with Dr Nissit Patel
  • Free smile simulation- view your new smile on the day!
  • Free fixed and UK made removable Vivera retainers
  • Free tooth whitening pack
  • Free tooth contouring

Space are strictly limited, book your appointment today.

The clear alternative to metal braces

Invisalign is the virtually invisible alternative to metal dental braces. It is a highly innovative and comprehensive process which can treat a variety of orthodontic situations.

Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible, very comfortable and removable. This allows you to remove them for eating and cleaning your teeth or for important social occasions.

If you dread the thought of a mouth full of metal to straighten your teeth, Invisalign is the solution for you!

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Invisalign lite, full, teen and express

The beauty of this treatment is that the results can be viewed prior to any active treatment via the Invisalign Clincheck. Once digital intra oral scans, photos and x rays have been sent to the USA, highly advanced laser scanning and software processes allow us to view the entire treatment on a computer generated model from start to finish.

At this stage any modifications can be made until you are entirely happy with the proposed final result. This way, the treatment is predictable and we can estimate the length of treatment to an accuracy of 87% (according to Invisalign)

Once the Clincheck is agreed, the clear aligners are fabricated. Each one is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually into the desired position. Each aligner is changed approximately every 1-2 weeks. The treatment length will depend on each individual case.

There are a number of options:

INVISALIGN COMPREHENSIVE is the optimum Invisalign solution . This version allows even the most demanding orthodontic problems to be treated. This package allows unlimited refinements after treatment to achieve full correction. In this version, cosmetic and bite correction is possible. If you have concerns about not only aesthetics but also function, this is the option for you.

INVISALIGN LITE is a new addition to the Invisalign range and is designed for mild to moderate corrections, which means that treatment can take as little as 16 weeks. A maximum of 14 aligners is allowed for Invisalign Lite cases. This package allows 2 Invisalign refinements after treatment to achieve full correction.

INVISALIGN TEEN, as the name suggests, is for teenagers. This system has been specially designed with a blue dot indicator to indicate when the next aligner is due for compliance. This version is also comprehensive and can correct cosmetic and functional issues whilst accommodating growth of the jaw lines.

INVISALIGN EXPRESS As the name suggests, this is an express treatment involving just 7 aligners for minor cosmetic imperfections for the front teeth. In most cases, treatment is completed within 14 weeks. Invisalign Express is often used when there has been mild relapse after past orthodontic treatment.

The process

  • After a full initial examination, we will take digital scans, x rays and photographs. The treatment prescription will be specific for you, designed by our Principal Dentist. The Invisalign records are then sent to the USA for fabrication of the Clincheck.

  • The Clincheck 3-D analysis is then viewed. This will indicate the length of treatment (accurate to approximately 85%), the movements that will occur, space creation requirements and the placement of Invisalign attachments.

  • Any modifications can be made at this stage. A video of the new Clincheck can be sent to you for comparison.

  • Once agreed, the Invisalign aligners are fabricated.

  • The first aligner is fitted and the Invisalign process begins; the first step to straighten your teeth!

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