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Advanced smile design

Your smile is unique, just like your fingerprints. Your orthodontic treatment can now be as distinctive as you are. Every individual is different and has varying needs; as such Insignia is the advanced approach in creating bespoke tailor-made smiles.

Insignia is advanced software that allows us to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique smile. You get 100% customised wires and brackets that fit your teeth, not like 99% of existing braces out there usually made to fit all types of teeth. Insignia is unlike anything else on the market. Because of this customised approach the results are more precise, and provide faster treatment.

Insignia braces are now also available with ceramic brackets, resulting in braces which are barely visible.

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Start with the end in mind

Imagine seeing what your smile should look like even before you receive your braces? Well, with Insignia it is now possible.

Before starting any treatment, you will be able to see your end result using an exact 3-D image of how your tooth is positioned. Insignia can calculate the most optimal orthodontic plan for your treatment. You can view, with precision accuracy, the correct width and curvature of your best smile specifically proportioned to your facial features. Unlike conventional brackets and wires, a plan of treatment carried out with Insignia creates a layer of precise detail providing fast, predictable, and accurate results.

Advantages to a customized Insignia approach

  • 3D computerized digital preview of your ideal smile.
  • Treatment time is approximately 25% less than traditional methods.
  • All aspects of your brace experience from the brackets to the adjustments, to the positioning are customized to achieve straight teeth!
  • Incredible end results
  • Any problems are diagnosed earlier than with the traditional approach.

Why wait?

There has never been a better time to start your orthodontic treatment. With modern technology, materials and expertise, treatment is predictable, comfortable and far quicker than before. Why wait? Call us to start your Insignia journey, you will not regret it!

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