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Progressive Aligners

Simple, fast, effective

Our own Progressive Aligners are designed for minor or moderate corrections. They are versatile and cost effective.

The aligners are as discreet as the Invisalign system and virtually invisible. The treatment is planned using the latest 3-D digital software and is manufactured in the UK. Initially, we will undertake a full clinical examination, take digital scans of your mouth ( no need for messy impressions!) and provide a virtual end result for you without even starting any treatment. After all, seeing is believing! Once we are all happy with the proposed end result, the aligners can be made really for fitting.

The aligners generally take just a few weeks to be made and the entire process is completed in the UK.

Our aligners are especially effective for mild to moderate crowding, rotations, space closure and levelling. If we need a more comprehensive solution, then Invisalign is the recommended solution.

  Progressive aligners

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