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Metal Free Dental Implants

Zirconia dental implants

Although titanium has widely been accepted as the material of choice for dental implants, we understand that some will not accept a metal foreign body within the mouth for potential health or allergy reasons. We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of zirconia dental implants at Progressive Dentistry, using Nobel Pearl as the break through product.

There has been a strong drive to produce a metal free dental implant that can challenge titanium in terms of function and aesthetics. The reasons for seeking a metal free solution vary but include:

1. Allergy to titanium and its metal ions.

2. Hypersensitivity to titanium and other metal ions that may be released later on after the implant is subject to natural wear and tear.

3. Titanium is metal coloured and hence if gum recession occurs, a dark shadow will appear at the gum line which would be visible especially at the front of the mouth. Zirconia dental implants use a ceramic material which is white in appearance, and hence especially suited to those with thin gum tissues.

4. They have been shown to have an excellent soft tissue response with a low inflammatory response and a low plaque affinity.

Nobel Peal has a number of unqiue features which include:

1. A two piece design compared to the other systems on the market which only have a one piece implant.

2. A metal free carbon fibre re inforced polymer screw to attach the components.

3. Milled from strong ATZ zirconia which is stronger than TZP zirconia.

4. A proven osseointegration with a special ZERAFIL surface that is sand blasted, acid etched and is hydrophilic.

If you have missing teeth and have concerns about using metal dental implants for whatever reason, we can offer totally metal free dental implant solutions.

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