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Removable Denture

Dental implants

If you have lost all your teeth in one or both jaws you can also choose a removable denture (over-denture) that is connected to two or more dental implants.

Removable Denture 1  

Step 1

This type of overdenture remains in place more firmly than a conventional removable denture. Once again, careful planning and expertise is required to ensure a successful outcome.

Removable Denture 2  

Step 2

An overdenture involves fixing two or more dental implants that will be used as a fixed foundation to attach the denture and provide great retention.

Removable Denture 3  

Step 3

Ball abutments, a small bar between the implants or special locators are used as the abutments. The denture is fitted with specially designed components which will engage the abutments providing excellent retention.

Removable Denture 4  

Step 4

The overdenture is now in place. It looks and functions like normal teeth. As it is removable, it is very easy to maintain but also very retentive. The overdenture solution is also far more cost effective than a fixed implant bridge.

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