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Single Tooth Implants

Dental implant to replace a single missing tooth

The best way to replace a single missing tooth is with a dental implant. The process is straight forward and will provide a long term replacement which is natural and life like.

Single Tooth Implant Step 1  

Step 1

A missing front tooth. This may be due to tooth decay, gum disease, an accident or a congenital reason.

Single Tooth Implant Step 2  

Step 2

We install the dental implant into the jawbone. No healthy teeth are affected or damaged. We use the latest dental techniques and equipment, including lasers, for the most minimally invasive treatment.

Single Tooth Implant Step 3  

Step 3

We can often place a temporary tooth on the day of the implant placement. This is called 'same day teeth'. In most cases, we allow healing of between 6-12 weeks. 3-D intra oral scans are taken and the new tooth is custom made. The crown is then fitted securely which will look just like a natural tooth.

Single Tooth Implant Step 4  

Step 4

The new implant crown is complete. You are now able to smile with confidence and eat whatever you like. It is important to maintain the single tooth implant as you would your own teeth. Regular dentist and hygiene visits will ensure health and longevity. Joining our membership is a great way of maintaining dental implants at an affordable rate- after all, dental implant treatment is an investment in yourself!

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