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Multiple Teeth Implants

Dental implants to replace multiple teeth

The best way to replace multiple missing teeth is with dental implants . This can be achieved by using multiple single implants and separate implant crowns . Alternatively a dental implant bridge can be used which replaces the teeth on fewer implants. In most cases, this is the most effective method, is less invasive, more affordable and easier to maintain.

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Some people lose several teeth in the back or front of the mouth. This is typically caused by gum disease (periodontitis), by teeth cracking due to previous fillings or tooth decay. This can impact severly on everyday function, aesthetics and self esteem. Dental implants are the best solution to replace several missing teeth; they will provide function, look great and preserve the underlying bone and tissue.

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Step 2

Between two and four dental implants are installed for a dental implant bridge. The dental implants do not involve your existing teeth and do not require any destructive removal of healthy tooth.

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Step 3

After healing of 6-12 weeks , the next step is the restorative phase. Special intra oral scans will be taken using our amazing Trios 3-D scanner.

In most cases, we will initially provide a provisional bridge made from acrylic. This will allow us to check everything in detail prior to the final bridge. We can check the bite, your adaptation, aesthetics, gum health and speech. Any adjustments can be made at this stage. This bridge is usually left for 3 months.

After we are both happy with the provisional bridge, the final dental implant bridge can be made. In most cases, we advise using screw retained implant bridges. This is where the implant bridge is secured into the dental implants using special screws rather than cement. The advantage of this is that if we need to remove the bridge for any reason, all that is needed is simple unscrewing.

The other alternative is a cement retained bridge. Sometimes these are required depending on the the position of the dental implants. This is perfectly fine and will provide a great end result. However, this type of bridge is more difficult to remove.

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Step 4

The dental implant bridge can now be fitted. It will act to restore your bite and function, look very natural and restore self confidence. As you will have alrealy adapted to the provisional bridge, the new dental implant bridge will feel even better as it will be made from a beautiful bio compatible ceramic.

There are special methods to clean the bridge, which we will demonstrate. Proper cleaning, regular dental examinations and hygiene visits will ensure that your new implant bridge will last for many years to come!

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