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Jun 2024

Social 6 Lingual Brace, Whitening And Bonding

The only truly invisible brace

One of our favourite cosmetic orthodontic treatments is the Social 6 lingual brace. This is a superb treatment to straighten the front teeth in a matter of weeks. In our experience, most treatments are just 3-4 months. With our 15 years experience with lingual braces, we have the know how to treat almost every imaginable case out there.

Before treatment with Social 6 lingual brace

IMG 8720

Our patient detested his smile and wanted a quick fix to give him more confidence and self esteem. A problem we commonly come across. Here there is a tooth hidden behind the front tooth and an uneven smile line. Although we could have pushed for a more comprehensive treatment and corrected the entire mouth, we were respectful of the brief and came up with a solution that worked wonderfully.

After treatment with Social 6 lingual braces, whitening and bonding

After lingual brace and cosmetic bonding

Hey presto! After 3 months using the lingual brace, we were able to straighten the front teeth especially the hidden one and even the overall alignment. After some tooth whitening and composite bonding, the overall result was enhanced ten fold. Treatment planned and completed by Dr Nissit Patel.

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Nov 2022

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