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Sep 2023

What is Invisalign Express and How Much Does It Cost?


Invisalign, as you may have seen online or on social media, is the world's most popular clear aligner treatment for straightening teeth. Over 15 million people worldwide have now been treated with the system which just goes to show the universal appeal of Align, the company behind Invisalign. The treatment itself was released in 2000 after a few Stanford University students came up with the concept and today, Align has grown into a huge corporation that also owns i Tero scanners and Exocad digital planning software.

Invisalign Express

Invisalign Express is one of the latest products that has been released. This is specifically designed for minor tooth correction with 7 aligners included within the package. With this amount of aligners, the treatment time frame are very quick, usually in the realms of 7-12 weeks. The typical scenario for Invisalign Express is one or two teeth that need slight alteration for cosmetic improvement which are usually located within the front 6 teeth zone.

What Can Invisalign Express Do?

In general, the Express system is for aesthetic corrections only rather than functional ones. This will include:

1. Central incisor teeth that are slightly ahead of each other

2. Central incisor teeth that have mild rotation, usually less than 10 degrees

3. Lateral incisor teeth that stick out by less than 3mm

4. Lateral incisor teeth that have some rotation, usually less than 10 degrees

5. Very slight canine teeth correction. Certainly not large rotations, big in and out movements or any intrusion or extrusion

Typically, these types of movements may be relapse from past orthodontic treatment, if retainers have stopped been worn, from bruxism ( night time grinding), bad habits such as pen biting or just getting older!

The limitations of Invisalign Express

As there are only 7 aligners within the system, there are limitations of Invisalign Express. Tooth movements such as large rotations, big in and out corrections and intrusion/extrusion simply will not clinically express. This will all be explained within the planning and which is why the Clincheck ( Invisalign planning projection software) is so important. From this, we can highlight what can be done with Express so that realistic aims and objectives can be met.

For a greater range of movements, improved functionality and bite correction, Invisalign Comprehensive is the option of choice. With this version, we can correct virtually any orthodontic issue. Take a look at a recent case study.

How Much Does Invisalign Express Cost?

The typical fee for one arch would be £1750 and for both arches £2500. We include final Invisalign Vivera retainers within all of our packages or you can choose a fixed retainer and a UK made removable retainer instead. We provide tooth whitening packs with all of our Invisalign treatments and complimentary tooth contouring ( re shaping of uneven edges). Please feel free to Contact Us for more information or arrange a chat with one of our dentists.


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