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Nov 2010

Saturday appointments are now available

We would like to announce that Saturday dental and hygiene appointments are now available on Saturday. These are highly sought after appointments so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. We understand that taking time away from your everyday activities can be difficult so we offer these weekend appointments, early morning and late evening to suit you and your busy schedule. With our new jet air polishing, get your teeth sparkly clean just in time for Christmas without having to take time off wor… READ MORE
Nov 2010

Best new website nomination

We are very pleased to announce that our website has been shortlisted for the best new website award by Dentistry magazine. The site has taken a great deal of hard work and time, thus we are delighted with this nomination. This also means that we have been shortlisted for two awards this year, the other being Best Young Dentist in London for Dr Nissit Patel. We believe our site is unique in the content and description of treatment and we are proud that all of the case photographs were taken by and treate… READ MORE
Nov 2010


Dr Nissit Patel, our Principal dentist and Prosthodontist, has been shortlisted in the last two for the Best Young Dentist category by Dentistry magazine. This is an award for dentists under the age of 35 years, who have shown an exceptional dedication to their profession demonstrating outstanding clinical skills, patient management, team leadership and continuing further education. Dr Patel says: 'This is a great honour not only for me but for the entire team here at Word Of Mouth Fulham. We have wor… READ MORE
Nov 2010


We are proud to announce the introduction of jet air polishing to remove those stubborn stains and achieve a fantastic polish. This is a service that we will provide as standard on a hygiene session, there are no added fees. Stubborn stains are often caused by smoking, coffee, tea and red wine. These stains cannot be removed by regular tooth brushing alone. Jenny, our hygienist, will now be able to remove these stains fully to achieve a brighter, whiter smile with a completely non invasive approach. Pl… READ MORE
Nov 2010


We strongly believe that non or minimally invasive dentistry is best. Modern techniques and materials mean that we no longer have to be destructive to natural tooth to create stunning results. For example, please view the photos below: This smile was created with NO tooth preparation whatsoever. The teeth were heavily worn and discoloured due to severe tooth grinding. The smile was transformed with E-max veneers within 2 weeks, without cutting teeth and without any injections. Please visit the testimoni… READ MORE
Nov 2010

Avoiding Tooth Decay

Following on from our previous blog about hidden sugars are some simple steps to avoid tooth decay. The first is simple; avoid too much sugar! If you have a really sweet tooth the try to limit the most sugary foods and drinks to mealtimes only. Snacking in bewteen meals is to be avoided. Also try chewing sugar free gum after sugary foods and drinks to increase the flow of saliva and neutralise the harmful acids. We will post further articles on dental prevention and handy tips to avoid dental problems in … READ MORE


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