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Aug 2012

Cosmetic dental excellence 2012

We strongly believe that cosmetic dentistry should be minimally invasive and kind to teeth and gums. Using the very latest technology combined with the advanced training taken by our dentists, dental excellence can be achieved. An example of cosmetic dental excellence is presented below. Our patient wanted a more aesthetic smile after years of hiding her teeth. As the pictures demonstrate, a wonderful result was achieved which was completely non invasive and pain free. Crooked, uneven teeth Straight teet… READ MORE
Aug 2012

Invisible braces; a case study

Invisible braces are one the most popular cosmetic treatments available. Having straight teeth can enhance a smile dramatically which in turn will have a major cosmetic effect and improve confidence no end. Below is a case where our patient would not smile for photographs and would constantly hide the teeth. Dr Nissit Patel transformed the smile with an invisible lingual brace. Crooked teeth and a forced smile Straight teeth and a beaming smile! Invisible braces are completely undetectable so that no on… READ MORE
Aug 2012

Straight teeth instantly!

On some occasions, straighter teeth are required right away. This may be due to a wedding or an important social occasion. Once such case is highlighted below. The big day was within a week and straighter teeth with even edges was requested. Luckily, our Principal Dentist is experienced in the very latest cosmetic techniques to be able to transform the smile on the same day. The treatment carried out was cosmetic bonding using Empress direct composite, the very latest and most aesthetic material availab… READ MORE
Aug 2012

Case of the month- August 2012

Our case of the month for August is a cosmetic case involving rapid tooth alignment and tooth whitening, which transforms the smile. The photographs below demonstrate the fantastic result achieved: Crooked upper teeth, which are yellow and hidden from the smile line Straight upper teeth, whiter and brighter and a beaming smile! This smile transformation was completed with an invisible extended lingual brace in under 6 months. The entire process is non invasive, completely undetectable and pain free. Tre… READ MORE
Aug 2012

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are required to protect heavily damaged teeth, teeth will large fillings or teeth that have had root canal treatment. They are essential to maintain the function of the tooth and they will act as a natural replacement for the damaged tooth. Not all crowns are the same! Significant skill and care is required to firstly prepare the tooth for the crown and then fabricate the crown. If these are done well and the crown is well looked after, there is no reason why dental crowns cannot last for man… READ MORE


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