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Mar 2011

Invisalign Update

Invisalign treatment is about to improve! Tomorrow at the London Bridge Hilton Hotel, Invisalign will launch their new G3 software which will offer superior treatment options to Invisalign trained dentists and orthodontists. Our Principal Dentist and Prosthodontist Dr Nissit Patel will attend the launch and be able to offer the new Invisalign treatment regime as early a next week. Please contact us if you wish to learn about Invisalign treatment or cosmetic orthodontics in general.… READ MORE
Mar 2011

Cosmetic Orthodontics

We believe in creating beautiful smiles with non invasive measure whenever possible. Due to the advances in modern technology, achieving straight teeth quickly and comfortably is now a real possibility. In fact, many celebrities that you see on screen everyday are having cosmetic orthodontics. Did you know that Kate Middleton is completing a course of lingual braces, the truly invisible brace, just in time for the royal wedding?! There are many options to choose from and we will guide you to the most suit… READ MORE
Mar 2011

Cosmetic Dental Excellence

Our next case involved two front teeth which had two crowns. The patient was unhappy with the colour, shape and overall appearance of them. The main request was to provide a natural replacement. Front teeth are the first point of eye contact and as such extremely important in cosmetic dentistry. A number of factors must be assessed before treatment can begin and this starts with thorough planning. Initially, study models were prescribed and a diagnostic wax up. This is to enable the patient to see the anti… READ MORE


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