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Sep 2016

Case of the Month- September 2016

Our case of the month for September involves a single dental implant to replace a molar tooth. Molar teeth are extremely important teeth for chewing and replacing them is vital to maintain function and protect the adjacent and opposing teeth. Single dental implants are excellent at replacing missing molar teeth. The process is usually straight forward and can be described in 5 steps: Careful planning Place dental implant Allow healing of 10-12 weeks Take impressions Fit implant crown Our case is … READ MORE
Sep 2016

Dental implants- what to expect

If you are missing teeth, then you have probably already done some research into dental implants. However, unless you have already undergone treatment you may be unaware of what the process involves. Well , we can simply it for you in 10 simple steps: Full diagnostic planning- a full clinical examination, x rays, photographs and study models CT scan of the area Digital planning on specialist software Fabrication of surgical stent if required Place dental implant(s) Allow healing of 12 weeks Ta… READ MORE
Sep 2016

Fed up of seeing a different dentist every time?

A client came to see us recently, who was kindly referred by another patient, who was fed up of seeing a different dentist every time she went for an examination or treatment. Not only was she nervous of treatment in the first place but the fact she required substantial treatment made things even worse. A dentist should be a person of trust whom you will allow to help you through a journey to maintained oral health. This simply cannot happen if you are seen by differing personnel, where you have to explai… READ MORE
Sep 2016

Another amazing case

We love dentistry and the way we can improve someones smile and life with modern day techniques. Dentistry no longer has to be painful, involve lots of drilling or leave you in agony. Times have changed and all for the better. We can now transform your smile with no drilling, no needles, no pain and affordably. For example, just take a look at this case: Before treatment After treatment! This case involved ABC: A for alignment using lingual braces B for bleaching C for cosmetic bonding No dril… READ MORE


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