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Oct 2021

Case of the Month August 2021- Social 6 lingual brace, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding

Our case of the month for August was a straight forward one but effective. In many cases, we get asked to correct one or two teeth which really bothers our patient. Most of the time, this is perfectly feasible using modern day cosmetic dental techniques such as lingual braces and cosmetic bonding. For our case, one tooth had slipped behind the others and was in cross bite with the lower teeth. This is where the upper tooth actually sits on the inside surface of the lower tooth when closed. This is not desir… READ MORE
Jul 2021

Case of the month July 2021- Ceramic Crowns

Our case of the month for July 2021 is quite a complex one involving multiple ceramic crowns after an accident during the first lockdown. Our patient, Xavier, had a cycling accident where he fractured 3 of his front teeth. Now with any trauma case, there is a certain way to handle the situation and it is important not to rush into a specific treatment. The reason being is that once the teeth and gums have been damaged, the consequences may not be apparent for several weeks or months. Hence the use of provis… READ MORE
Jun 2021

Case of the Month May 2021- ICON and cosmetic bonding

Our case of the month for May 2021 was a simple one involving ICON to treat a white spot and then cosmetic bonding to repair a small chip. Initially. we used Invisalign Express to treat some mild mis alignment. Putting teeth in the correct position will mean that that any future treatment will always look better especially bonding. The treatment in our case is completely non invasive. There is no need for any drilling, no needles of any sort and no pain! Furthermore, the cost is affordable compared to tradi… READ MORE
May 2021

Case of the Month April 2021- Ceramic Crowns

Our case of the month for April was one involving E Max crowns by Ivoclar, which is our opinion, give the best aesthetic results. In the past, tooth coloured dental crowns had a layer of metal underneath for strength with the ceramic bonded on the outside. Now these could look perfectly acceptable but there were issues. Having two layers means that more of the underlying tooth has to be cut down to accommodate the material. For any of you that has read any of our posts knows that we believe in minimally inv… READ MORE
May 2021

Case of the Month March 2021- Cosmetic Bonding

Our case of the month for March is a simple but great one- we love it so much! It features cosmetic bonding which is a favourite treatment of ours. People often ask what is cosmetic or composite bonding. Well the answer is simple. For many years, dentists have been using adhesive technology to bond fillings inside of teeth. The same technology can be applied to the outside of teeth to make them look pretty! In essence, if a tooth is worn down, fractured, uneven or discoloured then composite bonding can be u… READ MORE
Apr 2021

Dental orthodontic retainers

At the end of orthodontic treatment, retainers must be worn otherwise you run the risk of undoing all of the hard work straightening your teeth. This is called relapse. We advise a combination approach of a fixed wire retainer placed behind the front teeth as well using a removable retainer at night. Fixed Retainer In most cases, we will place the fixed wire retainer immediately after the brace has been removed so that the risk of relapse is minimal. The great advantage of a fixed wire retainer is that it… READ MORE
Nov 2017

For our French clients; Dental Inlays and Onlays

This is an article for our French clients on dental inlays and onlays written by Dr Bruno Delaunay: Définition : Derrière ces deux mots très techniques se cachent en réalité des solutions thérapeutiques modernes pour restaurer vos dents victimes de lésions carieuses. L inlay et l onlay sont de plus en plus proposés, leur essor va de pair avec le développement d une dentisterie dite « à minima ». Un inlay et un onlay sont deux prothèses très similaires. On utilisera le terme : INLAY, pour d… READ MORE
Jul 2017

Why Dental Implants Are More than Just a Cosmetic Improvement

Losing a tooth, for whatever reason, is never good. Our smile is the first thing most people see, so when your smile reveals a prominent gap, it isn t a desirable look. Missing teeth can cause a loss of confidence, depression, and social anxiety. For women especially, the loss of a perfect smile is highly traumatic. Not surprisingly, replacing missing or damaged teeth is often seen as a cosmetic improvement, but what you may not understand is that replacing teeth is essential for your oral health. Losing T… READ MORE
Jan 2017

Phone line is faulty again!

I am sorry to report that the practice line 0207 7311162 is once again faulty. This is an issue with BT and our service providers and is out of our control. Please e mail to contact us. We apologise for the inconvenience.… READ MORE
Jan 2017

Phone line is up and running

Just an update that our phone lines are now up and running as usual. Should you need to contact us: Tel 0207 7311162 E facebook Twitter @progresdent… READ MORE


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