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Nov 2013

Diet and tooth erosion- some vital facts and tips to avoid future problems

Are you a Juicing Fanatic? Now the festive season has started, some of my patients have told me they are trying a juicing diet to detox after Christmas party excesses, or before the inevitable over-eating starts. People are often surprised to hear the damaging effect juices can have on our teeth. A lot of juices, especially those made with fruit, are full of sugar and highly acidic. This causes a drop in pH in the mouth, which in turn can cause acid erosion which damages tooth enamel and/or decay if susta… READ MORE
Nov 2013

Dentistry Awards Finalists-London's Best Dental Practice and Best Team!

We are delighted to announce that we have reached the finals at the Dentistry Awards 2013. There are 2 categories that we have been shortlisted for: Best Practice in London Best Team in London These two categories are the most prestigious at the awards and the eventual winner will compete for the UK title. We are honoured ago have made the final once again, following on from last year. The nominations go some way to justify our approach to dentistry- minimally invasive, prevention orientated and a dedica… READ MORE
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Nov 2013

Cosmetic bonding to repair teeth- non invasive cosmetic dentistry

We strongly believe in the most minimally invasive techniques to repair and enhance teeth. One such technique is called cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding involves the addition of highly aesthetic composite filling material to broken, chipped, worn teeth to enhance the overall appearance and provide a strong protective layer. The process is really very simple but involves a great deal of skill and artistry. It is not just a case of simply filling a tooth! The steps involved are: 1. Ensure that the surface… READ MORE
Nov 2013

Do you have lower teeth like this?

In the old days of cosmetic dentistry, the lower teeth were often forgotten and treatments were geared primarily to upper teeth. This included treatments such as porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants. Often, this was a mistake. The lower teeth are VITAL to overall cosmetic dentistry, the main reason being occlusion or the 'bite'. In simple terms, if the dental occlusion is not adequate, then there are long term consequences. This could range from loss of function, increased tooth wear, inc… READ MORE
Nov 2013

Case of the month- November 2013

Our case of the month for November is a superb ABC case. This involves: A- alignment of teeth using invisible lingual braces B- bleaching of teeth using teeth whitening strips C- cosmetic bonding of teeth to enhance the appearance and create symmetry ABC is the FUTURE of cosmetic dentistry. A new smile can be achieved with non invasive dentistry, preservation of tooth enamel, no needles and no drilling!! What could be better? Here are the before and after photos: Crooked and gappy teeth, small latera… READ MORE


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