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Sep 2013

Caring for dental implants

Caring for your Dental Implants At Progressive Dentistry, we believe that Dental Implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Much like natural teeth, if you care for them well, they will last a lifetime. Keeping your implants clean is crucial for long term success. It is recommended that your hygienist performs a professional, thorough clean at least twice a year, using specific implant friendly instruments and non abrasive polish. Home care is also very important, so here are some tips f… READ MORE
Sep 2013

The growing demand for cosmetic dentistry

Recent statistics give rise to the argument that cosmetic dentistry is now a surging market; the classic fear of the dentist syndrome that supposedly grips up to three quarters of the UK population is seemingly banished, confined to the realms of overcrowded waiting rooms and metallic train-track braces, as growth in demand for perfect teeth and alluring smiles proves that cosmetic dentistry firms are flourishing.Research from the private healthcare search engine demonstrates just how pop… READ MORE
Sep 2013

Case of the month- September 2013

Our case of the month for September is a classic cosmetic bonding case. For those of you that do not know about cosmetic bonding, it is a great technique to enhance a tooth with a completely NON INVASIVE approach. Teeth can be lengthened, widened, repaired, made symmetrical and gaps closed with this wonderful technique. In virtually all cases, there is NO need for any drilling, any anaesthetic (no needles!) and no unnecessary removal of healthy tooth enamel. Our case shows a typical scenario where a tooth … READ MORE
Sep 2013

Dental tip of the week 21 September 2013

Our dental tip of the week is related to tooth sensitivity. If you suffer from sensitive teeth due to gum recession, then place a pea sized amount of sensitive toothpaste such as Colgate Pro Relief or Sensodyne on to your finger tip and rub this into the sensitive areas. It is important not to wash or brush away the paste so ensure that this is the last thing you do at night after your usual oral health care regime. If the sensitivity does not ease after a few days, please visit your dentist as soon as po… READ MORE
Sep 2013

How to choose a dentist in Fulham

If you live or work in Fulham, you may wonder how do you choose a dentist. Well, we believe that there are 5 key points why Progressive Dentistry is the premier dental practice in Fulham, SW6. 1. We are a truly progressive dental clinic with an emphasis on minimal intervention to produce stunning results. Our methods are unique and all of our treatments are kind to teeth and gums and biologically sound. 2. We have a team of experts led by renowned dentist Dr Nissit Patel, who is a clinical teacher at Guy… READ MORE
Sep 2013

Dental tip of the week 12 September 2013

As of this month, we are starting a series of dental tips which will provide simple information on how to look after your teeth and gums. This week, we go back to basics and emphasise what we should all be doing on a regular basis: 1. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes. We generally advise using a good rechargeable toothbrush which has a two minute indicator. Studies have shown that our perception of two minutes is usually way off, with the average time of brushing of only 27 sec… READ MORE
Sep 2013

All ceramic crowns- no black lines

In general, we adopt a metal free policy wherever possible. This is especially the case at the front of the mouth where aesthetics are highly important. We now routinely use all ceramic crowns for front teeth. The great advantage of these crowns is that with no metal, the aesthetics are excellent and there is no issue with the dreaded 'black' line visible at the gum level. The photograph below shows a super close up view of some front teeth. One of them has an all ceramic crown. Can you tell which one? W… READ MORE
Sep 2013

Case study- cosmetic bonding

Our case study is one involving cosmetic bonding of the front teeth. Cosmetic bonding is the NON INVASIVE answer to repair worn, fractured or spaced teeth. The technique requires no drilling, no needles and no pain! Our patient was unhappy about her front teeth due to the severe wear present at the edges. This was due to night time grinding, which is a very common problem. Dr Nissit Patel strongly believes in minimally invasive dentistry and therefore ruled out porcelain veneers or similar techniques which… READ MORE
Sep 2013

Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency dentistry can involve many different forms of dental care. What does this entail? We have compiled a short list of emergency dental items and the likely treatment required. SEVERE TOOTH PAIN The classic dental emergency is severe tooth pain which is constant, throbbing, non relieved by pain killers, tender to pressure and touch. Often this is a term called 'irreversible pulpitis' and the likely treatment is root canal treatment of the tooth. If this is the case, the emergency phase will involve … READ MORE


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