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Jun 2015

Testimonials 2015

We are extremely proud of the review and testimonials we receive. We have just had 2 new ones on Google, which were great to see: Miss FH The team at Progressive Dentistry is very kind and professional. They helped with every concern I raised throughout the treatment (cosmetic treatment to re-align both my upper and lower teeth), providing solutions quickly and efficiently, and were also very flexible in accommodating all of my needs. The treatment itself took a bit longer than expected, but the end resul… READ MORE
Jun 2015

We speak French!

Did you know that our newest dentist, Dr Deborah Philips, has both French and British nationalities? Therefore if you are a French ex pat in Fulham, London and would like to communicate with your dentist in French, we can accommodate you. Dr Philips is available on Saturday from 0900 to 1530 and now on Tuesday's until 2000. Contact us: tel 0207 731162… READ MORE
Jun 2015

Late evenings now available on Tuesdays until 8pm!

We are delighted to announce that late evening appointments are now available on Tuesdays until 8pm. This session will be taken by Dr Deborah Philips and will initially be available on alternate weeks. This will include general dental and hygiene appointments. So if you would like a dental appointment after work or in the evening due to other commitments, we have a solution for you. We are also open early morning every Tuesday from 8am, offer another late evening every Wednesday until 7pm and are open e… READ MORE
Jun 2015

The Truth about Teeth Part 2

BBC 1 recently screened the second part of the series The Truth About Teeth. The program highlighted some very valid points which are worth repeating. 1. Gum inflammation can cause inflammation elsewhere in the body taking years of your life. Many studies are now linking gum disease with other systemic diseases. Maintaining oral health has never been so important. 2. Acid erosion is one of the biggest causes of tooth surface loss. Acid in foods and drinks can be deceptive. For example, fruit tea is incr… READ MORE
Jun 2015

Case of the Month- June 2015

Our case of the month for June is a short term orthodontic treatment (STO) to correct the upper teeth. STO has become extremely popular as a cosmetic dental option due to the non invasive approach and the speed of treatment. In the past, traditional cosmetic dental treatments involved cutting down the teeth for veneers or crowns. Orthodontic treatment would often take 18-24 months, However, although there is a still a place for these treatments, there are alternative options. Please take a look at our be… READ MORE
Jun 2015

Cosmetic Bonding

Our case study today is on cosmetic bonding. For those of you who are unaware of the process of cosmetic bonding, here is a recap: 1. It is a completely NON invasive treatment for chipped, fractured, spaced and uneven teeth. 2. It is additive i.e we bond to the natural tooth surface 3. There is no need for any drilling of the underlying tooth 4. There is no need for any needles or injections 5. It is far more affordable than traditional treatments such as porcelain veneers 6. It is easy to maintain 7… READ MORE
Jun 2015

The Truth about Teeth

Did you watch the BBC documentary yesterday 'The Truth about Teeth'? If not, it is well worth catching it on iPlayer. The programme highlighted significant statistics about dental attendance. Vast numbers of the population have not seen a dentist for many years. This is a shocking yet known reality. If you have not been to see a dentist for a while and are nervous about doing so, please feel free to give us a call just for a chat. We will talk to you about modern day dentistry and how many of the old fear… READ MORE


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