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Nov 2014

Case Study- Instant smile makeover

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in recent years. Long gone are the days of teeth needing to be drilled to stumps for porcelain veneers or crowns to improve your smile. (In our opinion anyway!) We believe in and working with biology to produce stunning results that are natural, healthy, aesthetic and easy to maintain. An even greater advantage is that these treatments are cheaper than the conventional destructive techniques! What could be better? If you have chipped, uneven, worn, spaced or asymmetr… READ MORE
Nov 2014

What's new at Progressive Dentistry?

As our name suggests, we are Progressive in nature and continually improving. We do not believe in standing still. So what's new? Well, we have had many improvements this year within the practice. These include: 1. New LED lights fitted throughout the practice just this weekend. These are energy efficient, produce minimal heat and last for many years. Environmentally friendly and emit wonderful light for dental work. 2. New sterilisation equipment. We have purchased a new Little Sister 2010 autoclave with… READ MORE
Nov 2014

Dentistry in the news

Dentistry has certainly been in the news recently with the dentist from Nottingham and his dubious cross infection techniques. This therefore puts the spotlight on dentistry as a whole but also allows us to respond and let our patients know exactly how our cross infection policy works. This is what we do: 1. Alcohol hand rub prior to every patient and new gloves. 2. Every single instrument is taken from a pre sterilied bag that has a date when it was sterilised and when it should be sterilised again it n… READ MORE
Nov 2014

Case of the month- November 2014

Our case of the month for November involves cosmetic bonding of a front tooth. The tooth in question was treated after orthodontic teeth straightening. Once the teeth were nice and straight, the smile was significantly enhanced with our minimally invasive technique of cosmetic bonding. A brief overview of the technique: 1. The tooth is cleaned and polished. Any old composite filling material must be removed and any sharp edges smoothed. 2. Washing and drying with an etching gel. 3. Coating the tooth wit… READ MORE


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