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Mar 2016

Case of the month-March 2016

Our case of the month for March involves a full transformation of the entire mouth. The treatment involved planning using Insignia. What is Insignia? Well, this is a fantastic software platform that allows us to plan the best possible teeth positions for each case in very fine detail. We can then produce dental braces which are bespoke for your teeth including the orthodontic wires and a treatment plan which is finely tuned to produce the best end result in the quickest time frame. Our case shows how beau… READ MORE
Mar 2016

Easter is over- time for a spring cleaning!

The Easter break is over for this year and the clocks have gone forward. Time for a spring clean! We have just had the practice refreshed with a new lick of paint all over and a steam clean. So follow our lead and book your spring clean. We have dental hygiene appointments available throughout the week including early mornings on Tuesday, late evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday and every Saturday. We offer a walk in service which means you can book directly for a dental cleaning with out having to… READ MORE
Mar 2016

Good Friday and Easter Opening Hours

We are closed today on Good Friday. We are open tomorrow from 0900 to 1300 for hygiene treatment. We then re open on Tuesday 29th at 0800. Should you have a dental emergency during this period, please contact 02077311162 and follow the instructions on the answer phone. Alternatively, e mail and we will answer any query as soon as possible. Have a great Easter break.… READ MORE
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Mar 2016

St Patrick's Day and Teeth

St Patrick's Day is commonly associated with a few drinks and general merriment. However, excess can result in trauma to your teeth in several ways. For example, a company in the USA did a survey last year straight after St Patricks Day and found that the attendance to dental practices increased by up to 64%! In fact, all but one US state saw an increase which was directly attributed to trauma after excessive celebrations. Injuries included fractured front teeth, damage from 'face planting', teeth sensitivi… READ MORE
Mar 2016

Laser dentistry- the future of dental care

As our name suggests, we are a forward thinking and innovative practice. In modern day life, technology is evolving at an almost alarming rate. Most of the changes are an improvement and enhance our quality of life. Dental care should be no different. Modern day dentistry is a world apart from the days of dreaded dental care. For example, laser dentistry. We have invested in the Waterlase i Pvlus 2.0 which has replaced the scalpel in our practice. Here is what Dr Nissit Patel has to say about the Waterlas… READ MORE
Mar 2016

Dental Implants Case Study

Dental implants are the very best method to replace missing teeth. Long term studies have shown that properly planned, carefully placed and well maintained dental implants can last decades. This is not true for the old methods of replacing teeth such as bridges and dentures. Did you know that a dental bridge often involves cutting down healthy tooth/teeth to replace the missing tooth? Did you know that when a healthy tooth is cut down, there is a 20% chance that that tooth will die in the longer term and … READ MORE
Mar 2016

Spring Clean - 3 Reasons For Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Spring is finally arriving and hopefully the end of the wet, miserable weather (we can only hope). With Spring traditionally associated with cleaning ones home, why not start a spring clean of your mouth with these 3 reasons for keeping your gums healthy:1. Did you know there are more bacteria present in your mouth than the entire population of earth?2. Did you know gum disease is strongly associated with systemic disease such as stroke, diabetes and heart problems?3. Are you aware that gum disease can be,… READ MORE


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