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Mar 2014

Do you have worn, chipped teeth?

Do you suffer from tooth wear? Are your teeth short and jagged at the edges? Are they sensitive? Do they look unattractive? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then just look at our case study below. We have the answer! Worn, chipped teeth. Just look at the uneven edges. The teeth have been transformed! Even edges, no more wear and they are whiter! How did we achieve this? The answer lies within careful planning, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding. This is a truly non invasive smile makeov… READ MORE
Mar 2014

How can I straighten my teeth quickly and discreetly?

One of the most common questions we are asked is how can I straighten my teeth quickly and without anyone knowing. Well, we have the answer- lingual braces. Here are some FAQs about lingual braces: What are lingual braces? These are braces placed on the inside of the teeth, completely hidden from view. Are they suitable for me? Lingual braces can be used for virtually any condition. Why are they not as readily available as conventional braces? Lingual braces are technically more difficult as teeth ha… READ MORE
Mar 2014

Case of the month- March 2014

Our case of the month for March is a wonderful teeth straightening case. Our client was extremely unhappy with her crooked and uneven smile but was conscious of wearing braces that were visible. After a full clinical analysis and careful treatment planning, we decided on using invisible braces. Take a look at our before and after photos- great end result. Crooked, uneven teeth with spacing and uneven edges A birds eye view- crooked front teeth and look at the premolar on the right side A wonderful new s… READ MORE
Mar 2014

Cosmetic dentistry guide

Cosmetic dentistry involves many subjects and some of the terms can be confusing. Here is our simple guide to cosmetic dentistry. Tooth Whitening Tooth whitening is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry. If you have yellow, discoloured teeth and would like them whiter this is for you. Our preferred method involves using take home whitening trays and 6% hydrogen peroxide gel. We use Philips Zoom and Enlighten systems. These techniques are proven, safe and easily maintained. will not work on dental … READ MORE
Mar 2014

Does your dentist use rubber dam? 2014

What is rubber dam? Quite simply, it is a rubber (latex or non latex) sheet which isolates teeth for dental treatment. There are major advantages which include: 1. Isolated teeth allow for far better access 2. There is complete protection for the lips, tongue and cheeks 3. There is no risk of inhaling or swallowing any dental materials, disinfectants, decayed tooth tissue and mercury fillings 4. Saliva cannot contaminate the teeth whilst fillings are being placed which could inhibit the setting of the f… READ MORE
Mar 2014

Dental hygiene- why is it so important?

Good dental hygiene leads to good overall health. It is as simple as that. There is now overwhelming evidence that links poor oral health and gum disease to many systemic illnesses such as cardiac disease, respiratory issues and diabetes. Therefore it has never been so important to visit the hygienist on a regular basis. We recommend that a visit to the dental hygienist should be at least twice a year. If you suffer from gum problems or are undergoing major treatments with orthodontics or dental implants… READ MORE


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