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Jun 2013

Dry Mouth Advice

Do you suffer from a dry mouth or are about to commence a treatment which is known to cause dryness? Or perhaps you wear dentures and find that throughout the day the become increasingly dry and therefore uncomfortable? Here are some tips which could make your mouth more comfortable.* Drink plain water frequently throughout the day and chew on sugarfree gum- preferably citrus flavour* Suck on sugarfree sweets- the Peppersmith brand is widely available and contains Xylitol which is good for the teeth. Ice/su… READ MORE
Jun 2013

Social 6 lingual braces 2013

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments is the Social 6 lingual brace. This is a brace that is fitted to the INSIDE of the teeth, making it truly invisible. As it is fixed, there are no compliance issues and the technology of the system means that a wide variety of movements can be achieved. FEATURES OF THE SOCIAL 6 BRACE 1. As the name suggests, it is placed on the front 6 teeth only. 2. The aim is to correct the front 4 teeth, the canine teeth act as the anchors. 3. The usual time frame is very qu… READ MORE
Jun 2013

Case of the month- June 2013

Our case of the month for June involves dental implants and ceramic crowns. Dental implants are without question, the very best option to replace teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth or all of your teeth, dental implants should be considered as the first line option. In the past, replacing teeth with implants was a long, drawn out procedure and costly too. However, with the advances in modern dentistry and techniques, the treatment can be delivered quickly, with minimum fuss and is affor… READ MORE


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