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Jul 2016

Case of the Month July 2016

Our case of the month for July is a lovely treatment involving one of our favourite treatments- ABC. A is for alignment B is for bleaching C is for cosmetic bonding In many cases ABC can correct and transform a smile in a few months, with no drilling, no needles, no pain and at MUCH less cost than conventional treatments. Our case is a simple case correcting minor crowding and achieving symmetry with cosmetic bonding: Slightly crooked teeth and short lateral incisor teeth Straight teeth and symmetry!… READ MORE
Jul 2016

Anniversary of the moon landing

Today is the 47th anniversary of the moon landing. Just think what has happened in the world over those past years. Our world revolves around dentistry. The change in dentistry in just fifteen years has been incredible. Here are some of the major advancements that we have seen in the world of dental care: Digital x rays- in the past x rays would have to be developed in a dark room or processed taking more than ten minutes. Today, scanning of phosphor plates takes seven seconds or images are available immed… READ MORE
Jul 2016

Rogue e mail

This morning our e mail was hacked and a rogue mail was sent out with a PDF attachment. Please DO NOT open this message or provide any password details that may be asked. Out IT team have now secured the e mail and all security settings have been altered. No patient details are affected by this as we use a separate dental software system for this. If you receive any similar future e mails, please delete them and contact us. Thank you.… READ MORE
Jul 2016

Cosmetic Bonding- the modern way to enhance teeth

You may not have heard of cosmetic bonding. What is it? In simple terms, it involves enhancing teeth with adhesive dentistry using high tech white filling material. The major benefit of the treatment is that it is minimally invasive. There is no drilling of the underlying tooth, no need for needles, no pain and it is far more affordable than porcelain veneers. Is the time for porcelain veneers over? Not really. Porcelain is still the most highly aesthetic material available and it is extremely durable. If … READ MORE
Jul 2016

Please be on time!

We appreciate that we all have very busy lives and we rely on public transport to run to schedule. However, recently many of you have been arriving late for appointments. Turning up late can disrupt the entire morning or afternoon. It is unfair to the patient booked directly after you and any subsequent patient. This is the sole reason why we run late for appointments and is incredibly unfair to all concerned. Please check the transport updates prior to making your journey and aim to arrive to us at least… READ MORE


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