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May 2015

Dental Implants at Progressive Dentistry

We have recently been asked which dental implant systems we use at Progressive Dentistry. The answer is: 1. Nobel Biocare 2. Astra Tech 3. Implant Direct 4. Ankylos 5. Southern Implants We also have restorative capability for Straumann implants. However, we are happy to accommodate any implant system. If you have a problem with your dental implants and need some help, contact us. We will not simply dismiss your case because we do not use that particular implant.… READ MORE
May 2015

Bank Holiday Monday May 2015

We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May. However, we are open as usual tomorrow Saturday 23rd if you have a dental emergency. Our dentist, Dr Deborah Philips, will be available from 9am - 3pm. If you have an emergency, please contact the practice first thing in the morning to secure an appointment. The practice will be open as usual from Tuesday 26th May at 8am.… READ MORE
May 2015

Case of the month- May 2015

Our case of the month for May is one involving tooth wear. Tooth wear is a very common problem caused buy a number of factors and usually a combination of them all. The most common cause is night time grinding or bruxism. This can be hugely damaging to teeth. Did you know that on average our teeth make contact for only about 10-20 minutes of the day. During night grinding, the average contact time is 4 hours! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out this is far too much contact which will lead to … READ MORE
May 2015

Screw Retained Dental Implant Crowns

The great advantage of screw retained dental implant crowns is that there is no cement at all. Therefore any of the potential problems of excess cement extruding beyond the crown margin and instigating Peri-implantitis is negated. Another advantage is that if the crown needs to be removed, it is relatively easy to do so and there is no damage to the porcelain work by forcibly removing the crown.… READ MORE
May 2015

Cement Retained Dental Implant Crowns

When restoring dental implants, the choice is screw retained or cement retained. Cement retained crowns will often be used when the screw access hole is not positioned down the long axis of the implant. There may be angulation issues or aesthetic issues that arise from this. Cement retained crowns may also be preferred by the patient due to the unaesthetic appearance of the access cavity for screw retained crowns, which often looks grey and discoloured if the underlying crown has a metal sub structure. Pati… READ MORE


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