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May 2017

Case of the Month May 2017- Waterlase i Plus laser treatment

Our case of the month for May 2017 involves treatment of tooth decay using our incredible Waterlase i Plus laser. This highly sophisticated technology allows us to treat tooth decay without having to drill the tooth and without any anaesthetic in most cases. Just think; dentistry without drilling and without needles! Just take a look at our case: Tooth decay present on a back tooth After laser treatment. No need for any drilling, no needles and no pain! Modern day dentistry has evolved beyond comprehen… READ MORE
May 2017

Best Cosmetic Dentist

How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist There are many reasons why you might be considering going to see a cosmetic dentist. Maybe you ve chipped a tooth and want to have it repaired, perhaps you re thinking of getting a whitening procedure to get rid of stains, or maybe you ve finally decided to take the plunge and get braces for the slightly misaligned teeth that have been bothering you for years. Or, perhaps you re in need of a full smile makeover. Whatever your reasons, there are numerous things to consid… READ MORE
May 2017

Case of the Month April 2017

We forgot to post our case of the month for April 2017! Well, it is worth waiting for! The case highlights what can be done with modern day dentistry- straight teeth in a matter of weeks without anyone knowing that you are wearing a brace! Just take a look: Rotated and wonky front teeth Straight front teeth in just a few weeks Dr Nissit Patel treated this case using a Social 6 lingual brace with a technique he has developed over the years. The results are simply stunning. Tooth whitening after straight… READ MORE


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