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Feb 2012

Laser dentistry has arrived

We are very pleased to announce that laser dentistry is available at our practice. The Power Pen Laser allows us to perform a number of procedures which were otherwise very invasive and involved significant treatment. The procedures include the use in conventional dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, surgery, treatment of ulcers, wisdom tooth pain, tooth whitening and much more! If you are interested in laser dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Tel 0207 7311162.… READ MORE
Feb 2012

Case of the month- February 2012

Our case of the month involves a smile transformation using the latest minimally invasive techniques. This involved alignment, tooth whitening and ultra thin porcelain veneers. The original situation- worn teeth, gaps and discolouration The final result- straight, white teeth! The porcelain veneers used were so thin that in some areas, they are transparent. They are undetectable to the eye. By using a minimally invasive approach, the health of the teeth and gums is preserved and much easier to maintain. … READ MORE
Feb 2012

Cosmetic dentistry- alignment and cosmetic bonding

Our next case study highlights the expert treatment that we offer. To transform a smile, modern cosmetic dentistry should be minimally invasive. This way, the underlying teeth are kept healthy with no risk of biological damage. Why cut when you can align and bond? Our patient presented with a tooth which was hidden from view. This was a complex case due to various factors, but our expert dentist, Dr Nissit Patel had the answers the problem. The photographs demonstrate the smile transformation: The hidden… READ MORE
Feb 2012

Invisible braces- straight teeth quickly

Our case study today demonstrates the effect that invisible braces can have. The original scenario was a patient with crooked teeth who was unwilling to smile. After only a few months of invisible braces, the smile was transformed resulting in a beaming smile! The before and after photographs highlight the excellent result achieved. crooked front teeth straight teeth in only a few months! This result was achieved using social 6 STB braces by Dr Nissit Patel. If you are interested in transforming your s… READ MORE
Feb 2012

Cosmetic dentistry- as simple as ABC

We believe in creating beautiful smiles using the least invasive techniques possible. The overall results can be truly outstanding. We have developed a fantastic technique called ABC: A is for alignment with Invisible braces B is for bleaching C is for cosmetic bonding This technique involves NO needles, NO drilling, NO irrveresible procedures that can harm your teeth and gums. Below is a typical case which was recently completed by Dr Nissit Patel. A crooked chipped front tooth and discolouration St… READ MORE


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