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Sep 2015
Sep 2015

Case of the Month September 2015

Our case of the month for September involves a full mouth reconstruction using dental implants and a technique called All on 4. All on 4, as the name suggests, involves replacing all of the teeth using 4 upper and 4 lower dental implants. The great advantage of this technique is that by using only 8 dental implants in total, the overall surgery is reduced thus reducing trauma to the oral cavity and there is an associated lower cost compared to traditional techniques where 6-8 implants were required for eac… READ MORE
Sep 2015

Saturday 12th September

We are closed today, Saturday 12th September, due to annual leave. We are normally open every Saturday and will resume our normal time table next week. Did you know that we now offer late night appointments every other Tuesday until 8pm? We are also open early on Tuesday's and late on Wednesday's. So if you need an appointment to suit your schedule, please contact us. If you have a dental emergency today, please e mail and you will receive a response on the best course of a… READ MORE
Sep 2015

Social 6 lingual brace

One of our favourite techniques is the Social 6 lingual brace. This is a great technique for the cosmetic improvement of the front 4 upper or lower teeth. The brace is placed on the inside of the teeth, making this a truly INVISIBLE brace.The treatment times are often very quick, making this a short term treatment. So if you cannot stand the thought of metal train track brackets, using aligners (such as Invisalign) for 20-22 hours of the day, and you simply want to straighten your front 4 teeth, the Social… READ MORE
Sep 2015

Jamie's Sugar Rush

Jamie Olivier is on a crusade to reduce the sugar intake in the UK and quite rightly so! There were shocking images of children having all of their teeth extracted because of tooth decay solely due to sugar intake. This is unacceptable and should not be the case in the day and age we live in. Sugary drinks are one of the main causes, with up to 4 large tablespoons of added sugar in some well know drinks. Yes, that's right, 4 tablespoons! We are happy to provide education to all to reduce sugar consumption… READ MORE


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