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Feb 2014

Do you have worn, fractured front teeth?

Tooth wear is becoming an increasingly major problem. The main causes of tooth wear are: 1. Bruxism- grinding teeth at night time 2. Acidic diets 3. Stress causing extra clenching and bruxism 4. Gastric reflux 5. Parafunctional habits such as nail chewing, pen biting for example These can all lead to teeth that are fragile, weak at the edges, smaller and asymmetrical. This can lead to significant fracture of the teeth and require more advanced treatments such as root canals and crowns. However, if th… READ MORE
Feb 2014

Case of the Month- February 2014

Our case of the month involves closing a space in between the upper front teeth. Spaces can be unsightly especially at the front of the mouth. However, we have the techniques to close the space discreetly, quickly and affordably. Just have a look at our before and after photos: The space was closed in matter of a few months using a discreet brace. Modern dentistry allows us to use tooth coloured braces rather than the dreaded metal braces. There are even braces that can be fitted to the inside of the te… READ MORE
Feb 2014

Testimonials 2014

One of the joys of dentistry is being able to produce wonderful smiles, change a persons cosmetic appearance, improve confidence and well being. It always nice to have something positive written about you after a job well done. One of our latest testimonials follows from Nicola. Nicola underwent treatment with lingual braces for the upper teeth due to crowding. The end results were fantastic and here is what she had to say: Nicola: 'I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Nissit Patel and his team at … READ MORE
Feb 2014

Saturday dental and hygiene appointments

Just a reminder that we now offer Saturday dental and hygiene appointments EVERY week. Our new dentist, Dr Jessica Doherty, is accepting new dental patients on Saturday's for routine dental care, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and children's dentistry. We also provide a walk in dental hygiene service. Simply contact us by phone, e mail or book online to book you appointment with the hygienist directly. Sparkling clean teeth for the weekend, what could be better?!… READ MORE
Feb 2014

Dental Implant To Replace a Missing Front Tooth

Missing a tooth is bad enough but a missing front tooth is just about the worse scenario. There can be a number of reasons why teeth are lost from trauma, infection, decay, pain and expired crowns or posts to name a few. However, with modern day implant dentistry, missing teeth can be replaced with predictability and minimal fuss, with a completely natural result. Our case study highlights a missing front tooth replaced with a dental implant and a porcelain crown. In fact, the new tooth looks even better … READ MORE
Feb 2014

Anti-Ageing Facial Treatments Now Available

As of February 2014, we are introducing a new service- Anti-ageing facial treatments. This will include anti wrinkle treatments, facial line corrections, lip augmentation, skin hydration and maintenance programs. If you suffer from crows feet, frown lines, deep folds, marionette lines, thin lips and dehydrated skin then we can help. We are fully trained in the use of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin. Who is better prepared than a dentist or dental therapist to provide these treatments? After all we are … READ MORE


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