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May 2013

Case of the month- May 2013

Our case of the month for May is a combination case of: Orthodontics with Invisalign clear removable braces Dental implants Ceramic crowns Cosmetic bonding Due to quite severe tooth wear due to grinding at night and general issues with the condition of her teeth, our patient sought treatment that was designed to treat all the major considerations but with a minimal emphasis. Initially Invisalign was used to straighten the teeth and place them in the optimal position for the planned dental implant. Aft… READ MORE
May 2013


We are extremely excited to announce the arrival of Fastbraces at Progressive Dentistry. Fastbraces is an orthodontic system developed in the USA. As the name suggests, the technique is generally far quicker than conventional techniques. WHAT IS FASTBRACES? Fastbraces is a unique fixed dental brace that is fitted to the outside of the teeth. It is unlike any other dental brace system. HOW DOES IT WORK? The reason Fastbraces is so different is that the unique brackets and wires move the teeth and roots a… READ MORE
May 2013

Tooth wear and erosion

You may have noticed the increasing number of adverts for the treatment of tooth sensitivity and tooth erosion. Why is this? The answer is simple; our diets and habits. DIET In general, our diet has become far more acidic over the years. For example, you may be surprised to learn that certain fruits have a very high acid content that can dissolve healthy tooth enamel. Citrus fruits are especially acidic. Fizzy drinks are also very acidic. Did you know that a typical cola drink could dissolve your entire… READ MORE
May 2013

Mind the gap

Spaces between teeth can be unsightly and affect self confidence. A space between the very central teeth is often a fashion statement. Famous celebrities such as Madonna and Vanessa Paradis are recognised by their gap. However, spaces behind the lateral incisors are not so attractive and are often asscociated with the Great British Smile. We have a classic example below: Space behind the central incisor No gaps, perfectly straight teeth!How was this done? In the old days of dental treatment, cosmetic d… READ MORE


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