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Jan 2013

Dental implants- a missing molar

Our previous article focused on dental implants replacing several teeth. This case demonstrates the replacement of one missing tooth at the back, a molar tooth. This is a very common situation. You may ask: 'why do I need to replace a tooth at the back of my mouth. It is not visible and I don't really miss it.' However, there are a number of reasons why you should replace missing molar teeth: 1. Molar teeth are designed for chewing food. If you have a missing tooth especially a missing molar, then the f… READ MORE
Jan 2013

Case study- Dental implants

Dental implants are the very best method of replacing missing teeth. There is no debate about this. Dental implants have the highest success rates out of all dental treatments. However, this does not mean that dental implants are a routine procedure. Far from it. Dental implants require a great deal of planning and lateral thinking. It is vital that the dental implant dentist has a broad knowledge of the subject and adequate training. Experience is vital. Our case study highlights such careful planning and… READ MORE
Jan 2013

Dental hygiene with revolutionary Flash Pearl

Our dental hygienist is now able to offer dental hygiene treatment using the revolutionary Flash Pearl powder for that sparkling smile. Traditional powders and pastes could make the teeth sensitive and actually cause abrasive damage to the teeth. Flash Pearl is gentle and causes no surface damage, removing dental plaque, calculus and stains with ease. Your mouth will feel fresh like never before! We are able to offer walk in dental hygiene appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and selected Saturday'… READ MORE
Jan 2013

Case of the month- January 2013

Our case of the month for January 2013 is a wonderful smile transformation using an invisible brace. Initially our patient came to very upset about her smile. She hated one tooth in particular, which is very evident from the photographs. We transformed the smile with a lingual brace, the only truly invisible brace. The photographs below highlight the very best in cosmetic dentistry in London. The tooth in question is plain to see. The tooth is back in line, a wonderful beaming smile!Lingual braces are th… READ MORE
Jan 2013
Jan 2013

Dental Implants- replace missing teeth 2013

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. There are many dental implants to choose from and many dentists that provide and beyond. However, how do you choose a dental implant dentist? There are 3 simple questions that should be asked: Level of training and experience Evidence of case studies and testimonials Evidence behind the proposed implant Once this has been established, then trust within your dental implant dentist is a crucial factor. Price should never be the deciding factor i… READ MORE
Jan 2013

The Christmas spirit at Progressive Dentistry

Over the Christmas period our Hygienist, Jenny, worked alongside a fantastic team of fellow professionals at a rough sleepers centre, providing dentistry for the homeless . As many homeless people will not come in to contact with health professionals during the year, dental check ups and treatments are a valuable part of the work done by Crisis for Christmas. The dental clinic was extremely busy and a great success, with lots of patients seen. Jenny will be looking to recruit many more colleagues for Cris… READ MORE


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