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Feb 2017

Case of the Month February 2017- ABC

Our case of the month for February is simply incredible. As you may know, we practice minimally invasive dentistry or MI dentistry. The philosophy of this is to be as minimal as possible, preserve what nature gave use and enhance rather than destroy. Smile design and makeovers in the past involved major destruction of the teeth. You only had to watch 'Extreme Makeover' to see how teeth were cut into little pegs and the smile transformed with porcelain veneers. Will this last a life time? We think not; simp… READ MORE
Feb 2017

Dental Implant Planning

We are often asked 'how much is an implant?"or " I am missing a few teeth, how much will it cost?" Our answer to this is it all depends on the planning. To provide the very best treatment, care and thought must go into the planning. After all, we are all different with varying needs and circumstances. One size does not fit all. Here are the steps to implant planning and treatment: Full clinical examination including x rays and study models CT scan(s) Digital virtual planning on software including the an… READ MORE
Feb 2017

What is rubber dam?

What is rubber dam you may ask. Well, in simple terms it is a rubber sheet (usually non latex) that acts as a 'drape' for your teeth. It keeps your lips, tongue, cheeks and saliva out of the way for dental treatment. Why should it be used? Well, here are 5 good reasons why rubber dam should be used for most dental treatments: It is essential during root canal treatment to protect the airways and protect the tissues from the irritants used during the treatment. Removing old amalgam fillings releases mercu… READ MORE
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Feb 2017

Getting married?

Are you planning your big day this year? If so, congratulations! You will have a lot to plan but don't forget one of the most important parts- your wedding smile. After all, the most beautiful thing you can wear is a beaming smile. Look back on your wedding photos with pride and happiness. We have all the tools to make sure you have a wonderful, straight and white smile for your wedding but there are time factors to consider. Here is our guide to achieving the wedding smile of your dreams: Hygiene and stai… READ MORE


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