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Aug 2016

Case of the Month August 2016

Our case of the month for August highlights what can be done using a Social 6 lingual brace. A lingual brace is one which sits behind the teeth, making it a truly invisible brace. Social 6 braces are placed on just 6 teeth, with the aim to correct the front 4 teeth. It is also incredibly quick- most cases take just 3-4 months. Our case shows a great result, with a lovely smile created in just a few months. Please take a look at the before and after photos: Crooked front teeth Straight teeth in a few mont… READ MORE
Aug 2016

Triumphant Team GB land back in the UK!

Welcome back to Team GB! The only team to better the medal total than at their own home games, fantastic. Olympic sport takes extreme dedication, desire, professionalism, a constant strive to be better and improve. You should all be very proud of your achievements. Although we are no Olympic athletes, we have the same values and desire to improve within our own profession. Constant training, education, investment in technology and providing the most up to date dental care available. Why not achieve your … READ MORE
Aug 2016

Annual leave for Dr Nissit Patel- cover arrangements

Dr Nissit Patel is now on annual leave until the 23rd of August. We do have cover at the practice throughout both weeks should you have a dental emergency. Dr Deborah Phillips and Dr Veehar Malde are available to treat any emergency that may arise, this includes Saturday's. The only exception is Friday 12th and 19th, where our colleagues at K2 dental practice are happy to provide cover. Please contact us on 0207 7311162 or e mail should you have an emergency. We also have … READ MORE
Aug 2016

Dental floss not that great for you?

Recent studies from the USA has revealed that dental floss is not particularly great for you. Here is an article written yesterday in the Telegraph: To be perfectly honest, we are not that surprised. Our stance has always been to use inter dental brushes as the first line of defense and floss when the spaces between the teeth are too tight. Inter dental brushes clean the embrasure space- the tr… READ MORE
Aug 2016

Fluoride - some key facts

As you may know, fluoride is used in dentistry to prevent dental decay. It can be taken up into the crystalline structure of enamel, replacing the normal hydroxyapatite crystal structure into a structure called fluorapatite. This can resist acid attack to a greater degree and there is a reduction of the solubility of enamel in acid. Prevention is far better than cure! What's more, fluoride also has an inhibitory effect on oral bacteria which cause decay as they produce weaker acids and polysaccharides wh… READ MORE


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