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Oct 2013

A new smile, a new you!

It is a well know fact that a great smile is one of the best features about an individual. The teeth are one of the first things that are looked at when meeting somebody. Those who are embarrassed to smile due to an unsightly smile are often thought of as aloof or unfriendly. This is generally far from the truth. Modern dentistry now allows us to straighten teeth quickly, discreetly and comfortably producing wonderful results. Therefore, if you lack the confidence to smile or hide your teeth with your hand… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Dental tip of the week 25 October 2013

Our dental tip of the week involves teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can be achieved without expensive treatments by following these simple steps: 1. Visit the dental hygienist. Stain removal will instantly whiten your teeth and keep your gums healthy. 2. Avoid staining foods and drinks. These include coffee, strong tea especially green tea, dark berries, artificial colourings and curries. 3. Use an electric toothbrush. High quality electric brushes are far better at removing stain than manual toothbrush… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Shortlisted for Best Dental Practice and Best Team in London!

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Best Dental Practice and Best Team awards in London at the Dentistry awards. The Dentistry awards are the largest dental awards ceremony in our profession and to be shortlisted for the final is a great honour. We believe that the service we offer is second to none and the awards go a small way to justifying our belief. We continue to innovate and be the most progressive dental practice in London. Please keep an eye on our news section and … READ MORE
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Oct 2013

Straight teeth in weeks- 8 to be exact- with Social 6 lingual braces

In the dark days of dentistry, teeth straightening used to be an arduous process involving many months or years of treatment. However, with the modern advances in cosmetic dentistry, mild crowding problems can often be corrected within a matter of weeks. One of our favoured techniques is the Social 6 lingual brace. As the name suggests, the brace is placed on the front 6 teeth but on the INSIDE of the teeth. Therefore this technique is the truly INVISIBLE brace as it is not detectable to the eye. Seeing i… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Dental Hygiene Walk in Service

Did you know that we offer direct access to our dental hygienist? As of May this year, the GDC granted permission for members of the public to see the dental hygienist WITHOUT having to be referred by a dentist. Therefore all you have to do is call us, e mail us or book online to see Jenny directly. Why is dental hygiene so important? Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the dental hygienist at least twice a year: 1. Dental plaque is the main cause of dental disease- removing plaque will reduce your r… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Dental Implant Case Study

We have a certain expertise in a number of dental fields and dental implants is one of these. Dental implants are widely acknowledged as being the best replacement for missing teeth or failing teeth. For those of you that are not aware of dental implants, here are a few facts: FACTS ABOUT DENTAL IMPLANTS 1. Implants are made from titanium 2. Titanium is bio compatible with the human body. It is also used in hip replacements for example. 3. The jaw bone is able to grow around and fuse to the dental impl… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Lingual braces- invisible braces

We are often asked to straighten teeth using 'invisible' braces. Our answer to this is lingual braces. If you have not heard of lingual braces before, the term lingual is latin for towards the tongue. Hence the brace is placed on the INSIDE of the teeth, making it 'invisible' to those around you. FACTS ABOUT LINGUAL BRACES 1. They are technically more difficult than conventional braces and require a higher skill level not only from the dentist but also from the laboratory. 2. They are physically difficul… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Case of the Month- October 2013

Our case of the month for October is a tooth whitening case using one of our most popular techniques: take home trays. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. Having whiter, brighter teeth that look clean and healthy is desirable and confidence boosting. The treatment is available to all with their own teeth! THE PROCESS 1. A full clinical examination is required prior to any cosmetic dental procedure. 2. It is highly advised that you visit the hygienist prior to any tooth whiteni… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Stained teeth?

Stained teeth?A lot of patients come to see us in the quest for whiter teeth, and ask us about the professional treatments on offer to fulfill their wish of whiter, cleaner looking teeth.Patients also frequently ask what causes staining and how to avoid it. Most staining is easily removed during a routine scale and polish, but some things that cause staining can also cause long-term damage to natural teeth as well as fillings and veneers.- Cigarettes, as well as cigars and betel nut/tobacco chewing. Stoptob… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Preen, Prettify and Perfect yourself on Fulham High Street

Fulham High Street may struggle to compete with some of the surrounding areas for its retail opportunities, but certainly one thing it offers that other London locations may be envious of is a plentiful supply of beautifying boutiques. Fulham High Street has a chiropody clinic to cater for the needs of your precious pinkies; treatments, advice and orthotics are available for to alleviate any foot problems you may have. Close by is a nail salon, so you can sort out those cuticles you ve neglected and add a … READ MORE


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