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Feb 2020

How to stop bleeding after dental surgery

Dental implants, tooth extraction, or any other form of dental surgery can be painful. There are times when it can get bloody wisdom tooth extraction, especially. Removal of an impacted or infected tooth, periodontal surgery, or dental implants are serious surgical procedures, and post-operative care is essential. Risk of infections and unnecessary pain, as well as abnormal or excessive bleeding, need to be addressed to ensure that these issues do not cause bigger problems down the line. If you are concern… READ MORE
Feb 2020

Genetic Factors and Oral Health

Genetics play a significant role in determining the overall health and appearance of a person. Aside from shaping the height, bone structure, and facial features, genetics also largely contribute to the oral health of a person. DNA contributes to the weakening of the enamel, which ultimately increases the risk of gum disease. For most people, it significantly determines the size of the teeth, as well as the alignment of the jaw. Crowding, gaps, overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth are common for childre… READ MORE
Feb 2020

5 bad habits connected to children's oral health

Parents need to teach their children about healthy dental habits while they are young. Healthy dental habits take time to develop, so it s good to start them young to keep their teeth far from cavities. Aside from teaching children what to do, parents must also teach them what not to do. Children may have simple habits, such as nail-biting or thumb-sucking, that may appear normal. However, unknown to many parents, these common habits may lead to adverse oral health outcomes. That said, it is crucial to pre… READ MORE
Feb 2020

Case of the Month January 2020- Social 6 lingual brace

2020 is flying by and January has thankfully passed with slightly longer days ahead of us. Our case of the month for January involves a simple yet effective one using the Social 6 lingual brace to make one tooth more visible on smiling. Often we seen huge dental transformations where there is huge difference in the overall smile with multiple veneers, crowns and crazy white shades that resemble white goods rather than teeth! This is not our style. For those of you that read our blog, you will know that we… READ MORE


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