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Apr 2015

Modern cosmetic dentistry- non invasive, drill free and affordable

Modern day cosmetic dentistry is a million miles away from cosmetic dentistry of the past. We now hate to use the dental drill if at all possible and preserve as much tooth enamel as possible. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body for a good reason, it is not meant to be drilled away! In the old days, if you wanted your crooked teeth corrected, they were drilled down for crowns or veneers. Although an instant fix, the long term damage is unknown and a life time of maintenance ensues. Today, we ca… READ MORE
Apr 2015

Case of the Month- April 2015

Our case of the month for April is an unbelievable smile transformation using a metal fixed brace. Our patient wanted to be able to smile for her wedding photographs and we were given a time span of just 8 months! Now the level of tooth crowding was quite severe and we were unsure whether the treatment could be completed in time. However, we did not need to worry. The treatment was complete ahead of schedule. We used high tec metal brackets which have minimal friction and allow quick alignment of rotated, … READ MORE
Apr 2015

$25,000 mouthguard?

Apparently Floyd Mayweather is intending on using a $25,000 mouthguard stuffed with $100 notes for his world welterweight fight with Manny Pacquiao. The mouthguard is also said to be stuffed with gold and diamonds! Floyd says "my career has gone on 19 years and I have been able to preserve my smile". Well, Floyd we think this is slightly over the top. We can provide a high quality, high impact resistant mouthguard for just £140. Give us a call Floyd, we can have it ready for the big fight!… READ MORE


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