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Jun 2016

9 key facts: gum disease

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss. On the whole, gum disease can be prevented. Here are 9 key facts to prevent gum disease: Always clean your teeth twice a day Clean in between the teeth using floss or inter dental brushes daily- you will be amazed how much builds up on a daily basis Visit the dentist and dental hygienist twice a year minimum. If you have gum disease, quarterly visits may be required. Do not smoke- smoking is just a big a cause of gum disease as poor oral hygiene U… READ MORE
Jun 2016

Oral B tooth whitening strips are now available

Would you like whiter teeth? Do you want to avoid using home trays and gels? Would you like an affordable option? If the answer is yes to the above, we have the solution. Oral B white strips. These are simply placed over the teeth like sticky tape for 1 hour and then disposed of. This is repeated for up to 14 days and hey presto, whiter teeth! We have a very special offer of just £75 for a 2 week course of treatment (upper and lower teeth). Call us to reserve your strips.… READ MORE
Jun 2016

Case of the Month- June 2016

Our case of the month for June involves a smile transformation in less than 6 months. We were given a strict time frame due to an important event and we love a challenge! After careful planning and analysis, we felt the goals were achievable within the time frame. Just take a look at the before and after photographs: Crooked front teeth- just look at the left front tooth! Straight teeth in just 6 months! What a difference. The treatment was completed using Damon metal braces and then cosmetic bonding u… READ MORE
Jun 2016

The requirements for dental implant treatment- 10 key factors

As we all know, dental implant treatment is the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. This is true for single missing teeth, several missing teeth or all missing teeth. However, not everyone is suitable for dental implants. Here are 10 key factors that are required for long term success: A healthy mouth without tooth decay and gum disease Adequate bone height- ideally greater than 8mm . This can be assessed on a CT scan. Adequate bone width- ideal greater than 5mm. This can be assessed on a CT sca… READ MORE
Jun 2016

Surgical crown lengthening is now easy!

We love our Waterlase i Plus laser. Why? Well, it makes treatment that was difficult, painful, time consuming and costly into an everyday event. A prime example of this is surgical crown lengthening. What is this? Well, if you have broken a tooth and there is not enough tooth left to place a crown, you will need surgical crown lengthening. In the old days, this involved a scapel, stitches, bleeding, pain and a long time to wait before the next step. No longer. Using the Waterlase i Plus, we can perform th… READ MORE
Jun 2016

3 great ways to whiten your teeth

The Summer is here, the sun is shining and it's now a great time to whiten your teeth. We have 3 great ways to whiten your teeth this year: Philips Zoom LED- this is our best tooth whitening technique by far with consistently excellent results achieved. The process involves a 90-120 minute session at the practice for instant results. We provide a FREE take home kit to continue at home for 3-5 days and maintain your new pearly whites. We have a special offer at just £499 at present. (usual fee £795) Phi… READ MORE


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