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Aug 2013

Case of the month- August 2013

Our case of the month for August is a fantastic one involving ABC. To remind you: A is for Alignment, B is for bleaching and C is for cosmetic bonding. This is the NON INVASIVE smile makeover, a treatment suitable for all. In the old days of cosmetic dentistry, teeth would be cut heavily for porcelain veneers to provide a new smile. No longer! We can transform your smile with 3 simple steps: ABC Our case involved a ceramic brace, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding to enhance the smile. Don't take our wo… READ MORE
Aug 2013

Teeth Whitening Strips

Whitewash teeth whitening strips are now available at Progressive Dentistry. Whitening strips are the most simple and hassle free way of brightening your smile. HOW DO THEY WORK? The strips are simply placed over your teeth and left for 1 hour. Afterwards they can be removed and disposed of. This should be repeated for 10-14 days for whiter teeth-simple! ADVANTAGES OF TEETH WHITENING STRIPS There is no need for impressions. Teeth whitening trays are not required. No need for bleaching gel. More affor… READ MORE
Aug 2013

Progressive Cosmetic Dentistry

We pride ourselves on being progressive and leading the way in modern cosmetic dentistry. In the old days, cosmetic dentistry was more about being invasive and cutting healthy tooth enamel for multiple veneers or crowns. Due to the advances in technology and materials this has all changed. These days, if a tooth does need a veneer or crown, then we will match this tooth with the other teeth as best as possible. This way, the adjacent teeth do not need to be harmed in anyway. Here is a classic example. Our… READ MORE


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