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Jan 2016

Laser Dentistry

We have invested in the very latest laser dentistry at Progressive Dentistry- the Waterlase i Plus 2.0 and the Epic 10. Both have different wavelengths and hence complement each other or can be used as stand alone lasers. We think that both lasers are magic! Having now used lasers within dentistry for over five years, these two lasers are certainly the most sophisticated and advanced we have seen. One application of the Epic 10 is low level laser therapy LLLT. The aim of this is to aid healing, pain relie… READ MORE
Jan 2016

Drill free dentistry

We have invested in the very latest technology- the Waterlase i Plus 2.0. With this amazing dental laser we are able to provide drill free dentistry. Yes, that is correct; dentistry without drilling! Due to the incredible properties of the laser, almost 80% of dental filling cases can be treated without any anaesthetic- so no needles! However, there is more to the laser than simply replacing the dental drill. We can perform all soft tissue procedures using the laser meaning that the traditional scalpels … READ MORE
Jan 2016

Dental Implants- 10 key factors

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Whether you have one, several or all missing teeth, dental implants are the gold standard replacement.… READ MORE
Jan 2016

New Year, New Smile 2016

We are now into a new year, 2016 and what better way to start the year than transforming your smile. If you have a deadline in mind such as a special occasion, a holiday, a party or even your wedding now is the time to plan ahead. For example, here is list of how long treatments usually take: 1. Simple crowding: 1-3 months 2. Moderate crowding: 3-6 months 3. Advanced crowding: 6-12 months 4. Straightening and bite correction: 12-24 months 5. Porcelain veneers: 1 month 6. Tooth whitening: 90 minutes … READ MORE


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