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Jul 2015

Breaking News! Fluid abrasion is coming to Progressive Dentistry

As one of London's leading dental practices, we strive for the very best treatments for our patients. As such, we invest in the latest technology that can have a major benefit for our clients. We have just invested in fluid abrasion. This product will enable us to treat decay, remove old composite fillings, aid bonding, clean inside of crowns and bridges and much more WITHOUT drilling. Just imagine, no horrible noise or sensation from the dental drill! What's more, in many cases, we can do this without ANY anaesthetic. So no needles and no drilling, what could be better? Well, the technology also allows us to clean and polish teeth using the latest powder called Slyc which also de sensitises teeth. All of this fits in with our ethos of minimally invasive dentistry. So if you would like to benefit from the latest technology, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dental treatment does not have to be something you fear. We are here to help and provide the very best in dental care.


Dec 2020

Case of the month November 2020- Cosmetic Bonding

Our case of the month for November is cosmetic bonding or teeth bonding which is one of our favourite treatments. For those of you unaware of the process, let us explain for you. The Process of Cosmetic Bonding Essentially, the process is completely pain free. There is no cutting of the teeth so the underlying tooth enamel is left completely intact. Now this is a huge advantage! Removing tooth enamel removes the hardest tissue in the body and weakens the tooth considerably. There is no going back. Over time… READ MORE
Nov 2019

Case of the Month- November 2019

Our case of the month for November involves a re construction of the bite over a number of years. The main reason for treatment was due to severe tooth wear due to bruxism. Bruxism is essentially grinding at night to such an extent that the enamel is worn over a number of years. This can cause a number of problems such as: Tooth sensitivity Difficulty in eating Lack of a coherent bite Aesthetic issues Pain leading to root canal treatment in severe cases Tooth wear, on the whole, can be prevented or… READ MORE
Apr 2018

Case of the Month April 2018- Smile Transformation

Our case of the month for April is simply stunning. A smile transformation in the truest sense of the term. For those of you who have read our posts, we believe in minimally invasive dentistry. Essentially, this means working with your own natural teeth rather than cutting them down. After all, tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body- why destroy it? Our case presented with severe crowding, discolouration, occlusal problems (bite) and he wanted to correct the problems at hand with a minimally invasi… READ MORE
Oct 2017

Minimally Invasive Dentistry 2017

As you may be aware, our ethos is based on minimally invasive dentistry. Preserving tooth and gum is key to a healthy mouth. Why remove what nature provided us with? In the past, tooth decay would lead to large amounts of tooth being cut away so that amalgam metal fillings could be packed into the cavity. When we say packed, this is exactly what we mean. Amalgam does not bond to tooth. Therefore the tooth has to be cut with an undercut- the base of the cavity being narrower than the top so that the filling… READ MORE


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