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Mar 2022

Invisalign Full, Whitening & Bonding To Correct A Reverse Overjet (underbite)

Our case of the month for March 2022 is a true smile transformation in every sense of the word. In this case, we successfully corrected a complete reverse overjet or underbite using Invisalign Full. We then enhanced the overall aesthetics using a home whitening kit (Philips ZOOM) and bonding.

What Is A Reverse Overjet?

A reverse overjet or underbite is where the lower front teeth sit on the outside of the upper front teeth which is typically due to an underlying jaw position issue where the lower jaw sits too far forward in comparison to the upper jaw or the maxilla is too far back. The prevalence of this type of bite is quite low in the UK at around 5% and this type of skeletal relationship has the most genetic influence. For example, the distinctive Hasburg Jaw, was the likely cause of the Royal families inbreeding.

Can Reverse Overjet Be Treated With Invisalign?

This is a great question. Yes is the answer in many cases. The critical aspect in our case was that our patient was able to touch his front teeth edge to edge when prompted. If there is such a large space that only the back teeth meet or the jaw discrepancy is such that only allows a few teeth to meet, then orthognathic surgery may be required. This is a treatment where a Maxillofacial Surgeon and specialist orthodontist work together to correct such severe cases.

Invisalign Full would be needed for Class 3 reverse overjet cases. With our Invisalign Full cases, we offer unlimited aligners and unlimited refinements (over a 5 year period in case of relapse) which is essential for severe teeth crowding and bite issues.

Our Case Study - Full Underbite Correction

Initially, our client had a full reverse overjet or underbite which had been a major issue for him for many years. Ideally, this would have been treated whilst a teenager but the thought of surgery at this time was just too much to bear. Thankfully, technology has advanced and jaw surgery was not required.

IMG 8334 Copy 2

Just look at how the lower teeth sit over the upper teeth and hide the edges. This is actually quite a destructive bite which can cause significant tooth wear and damage over the years. This is called a limited envelope of function.

After Invisalign Full

In less than 12 months, we have corrected the underbite, improved the overall bite, whitened, improved the symmetry with bonding and can now move onto retainers. Treatment completed by Dr Nissit Patel.

How Much Does Invisalign Full Cost?

The fee for this was £3950 including all appointments, all refinements, both fixed and removable retainers and tooth whitening.

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Jan 2022

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Sep 2021

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Jun 2021

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